SD-WAN is becoming the foundation of the modern enterprise network, providing solutions to the challenges of the distributed organization.
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2Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN Contents Leading the way to better branch operations 3Any branch, anywhere: Danish Agri˜sh 4 Uni˜ed global networking: AWL 6 Intelligent, responsive traf˜c management: LeasePlan 8The networking solution for today™s distributed enterprise 10

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3Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN high-quality user experience wherever those applications are hosted. Secure branch connections to the cloud protect data, while simpli˜ed operations and centralized management increase ef˜ciency and agility.Continue reading to explore three real-world bene˜ts realized by companies using SD-WAN.Did you know? Some of the world™s largest banks and global investment companies rely on Citrix.Enterprises today are transforming. They™re becoming more nimble and distributed, with a changing workforce and an expanding list of applications. And with this transformation, they face radically changing network requirements at the branch Š which can now be anything from a regional headquarters or remote clinic to a kiosk in a mall, or even a ship at sea. In this rapidly evolving environment, SD-WAN is becoming the foundation of the modern enterprise network, providing solutions to the challenges of the distributed organization. With SD-WAN, IT can provide always-on access to applications with a Leading the way to better branch operations

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4 Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN Danish Agri˜sh | Government Delivering reliable connectivity from the data center to ships at sea The solution Citrix SD-WAN, formerly known as NetScaler SD-WAN, enabled Danish Agri˜sh applications to seamlessly migrate to mobile connections without disruption or sacri˜cing security, while minimizing satellite use. When mobile connections were unavailable and satellite bandwidth was restricted, granular quality-of-service capabilities allowed the agency to ensure that mission-critical data was prioritized over other applications. The challenge Danish Agri˜sh faces unique location dif˜culties with branches that are literally ships on the ocean. To enforce ˜shing regulations and prepare for rescue operations, Danish Agri˜sh crew members rely on data to look up the ships™ positions and check their reported catch. While each of its patrol vessels had multiple LTE connections from separate mobile providers, coverage was still inconsistent. Vessels often had to turn to expensive satellite connectivity for mission-critical data. As a result, frequent switching among mobile and satellite networks disrupted the ˚ow of operations. Any branch, anywhere

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Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN 5 fiOur ships have a better chance of planning from a professional perspective instead of constantly having to plan based on a technical limitation.flJan Nielsen, Team Leader IT Infrastructure, Danish Agri˜sh The results Ł Uninterrupted connectivity for apps and data without sacri˜cing security Ł Lower network management costs with a simple-to-use interface to troubleshoot connectivity issues Ł Improved application throughout with prioritization for critical applications Ł Better cost-control over metered satellite connections

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6Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN AWL | Manufacturing Enabling global collaboration with graphic-intensive applications on any device The solution AWL used Citrix to create a virtual workspace solution that provided the required applications and computing resources for each of the three user pro˜les: engineers, mechanics, and of˜ce workers. NVIDIA virtual graphics processing unit (GPU) software provides the powerful 3D graphics needed for complex computer aided design (CAD) designs; Citrix application delivery provides load balancing in the Netherlands and the China data centers; while Citrix SD-WAN ensures an exceptional, stable user experience.The challenge AWL provides robotics and automated welding solutions to the automotive and manufacturing sectors. Over several years, it successfully won contracts with some of the world™s largest car makers Š but such rapid international expansion also created major operational challenges. With design and production processes being completed in multiple locations Š including the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, the U.S. and Mexico Š sharing data and updating information was a cumbersome and complicated process. This lack of virtual collaboration meant employees were uncertain whether they were working on the latest version of design ˜les, and IT management costs were high. Uni˜ed global networking

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LeasePlan | Automotive Enhancing customer service while reducing running costs The solution Using Citrix to deliver virtual desktops and hundreds of applications to its branch locations across a Citrix-powered network, LeasePlan has made signi˜cant cost savings while delivering more responsive and agile customer service. Citrix SD-WAN intelligently manages traf˜c according to its priority and proactively monitors network issues, socritical tasks can always be completed on time. The challenge As a world leader in ˚eet management and driver mobility, LeasePlan manages more than 1.7 million vehicles in 32 countries from its Ireland-based data centers. Branches are connected by dedicated, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) lines. MPLS is a mature technology and reassuringly safe, but it™s also expensive to run and slow to scale. LeasePlan spent several million a year managing its global network in this way, and activating new circuits could take months. Increasing customer demand for cloud services meant having local ‚breakout™ connections was ever more important for user experience. LeasePlan™s existing solution simply couldn™t provide the bandwidth, reliability or latency its business required.Intelligent, responsive traf˜c management 8Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN

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fiCitrix SD-WAN is the Swiss Army knife of our data center. When we need data, we go there Š and when we need cloud data, we go to the cloud directly. Because we™re not backhauling this through the data center, our users enjoy a much better experience and we enjoy a much more ef˜cient IT model.fl Ronan Murray, Global IT Operations Manager, LeasePlan The results Ł Individual branches experience faster and more reliable connectivity Ł LeasePlan™s WAN costs have reduced dramatically Ł Citrix SD-WAN has enabled LeasePlan to pivot very simply to the cloud Watch the video9Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN

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As the requirements of digital business drive change in the branch, Citrix SD-WAN is leading the way to more reliable, secure, and ef˜cient network operations. Secure branch connectivity to the cloud With a reliable and secure connection from branch locations to the cloud, businesses can have con˜dence in moving their applications and data to the cloud. Greater ef˜ciency and scalability Citrix SD-WAN uses centralized policy de˜nition to simplify network operation and ensure optimal cost ef˜ciency, performance, and security.Learn more about Citrix SD-WAN Reliable branch access to applications Employees at remote of˜ces, clinics, and stores can work productively without the risk of losing access to applications due to an outage on a single network link.High-quality application experience To help employees collaborate and deliver service effectively from any location, Citrix SD-WAN actively manages and optimizes network traf˜c to better support uni˜ed communications and other high bandwidth applications.The networking solution for today™s distributed enterprise 10Citrix | Enabling a distributed workforce with SD-WAN

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