Forward. 634 kW / 850 hp. Reverse. 714 kW / 957 hp. Operating Weight. Standard. 104 236 kg / 229,800 lb. Carrydozer. 113 700 kg / 250,665 lb. D11. DOZER

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2GO THE DISTANCE WITH CAT ® DOZERS Caterpillar has the industry™s broadest lineup of dozers working in dozens of applications, climates and environments. They™re made˜to go the distance, with a proven design and durable construction that deliver multiple lives. And when it comes to productivity, they™ll help your operation go the distance. They™re infused with performance-enhancing technologies, easy to operate and service, and supported by the world-class Cat ® dealer network. The result? High reliability, maximum productivity, long life Š and the lowest cost of ownership of any material mover in the industry. These bene˚ts, and many more, make Cat dozers the ideal choice for every site or application. And they deliver a better bottom line to the most important mine in the world: yours. CAT ® D11 MAKING THE BEST BETTER THE NEW How do you make the industry™s best large dozer even better? By listening to your customers. You asked us to keep everything you love about the D11, but to make it more productive and ef˜cient to lower your overall costs. So we did. The D11 is safer, performs better, lasts even longer and delivers a more positive impact to your bottom line.

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3INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY BY ALMOST 8% + High Power in Reverse + Stator Clutch Torque Divider + Extended Tilt Cylinders BOOST FUEL EFFICIENCY UP TO 8% Load-sensing hydraulics and a new torque divider boost performance while lowering fuel costs. LOWER MAINTENANCE & REPAIR COSTS UP TO 5% Spend less time on maintenance thanks to a new case and frame design, improved bearings, redesigned pin joints, a 30% larger oil pan Š and more. LOWER OVERALL COST/BANK CUBIC METER UP TO 6% KEEP OPERATORS SAFER FACTORY-INSTALLED FIRE SUPPRESSION GROUND-LEVEL FLUID CHANGE & ELECTRICAL CENTER REMOTE CONTROL OPTION LADDER CAB ACCESS DOOR SWING OPTIONS BETTER REAR VISIBILITY 360° VIEW SAVE AN AVERAGE OF 12,000 GALLONS OF FUEL PER YEAR

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4LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP DELIVERING THE No other manufacturer has more experience moving material than Caterpillar. There are more Cat large dozers working around the world than any other brand. Our long history of evolution and innovation has helped us remain the leader for over a century.

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5A PROVEN DESIGN PHILOSOPHY When it comes to making Cat large dozers, we follow a proven design philosophy that focuses around ˜ve main areas: 1. Keep operators safe, comfortable and in control 2. Ensure productivity in all applications 3. Take advantage of the latest technology 4. Make dozers that are easy to maintain and service 5. Make sure they are built to last By following this philosophy Š for every large dozer, every time Š we ensure that our customers get what they expect from Caterpillar: the lowest cost of ownership of any material mover in the industry.

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6When it comes to productivity, the D11 will help your operation go the distance. Infused with performance-enhancing features, the D11 helps you improve the ef˜ciency of your dozing operation. UP TO 6% LOWER COST PER TON thanks to improved productivity and fuel ef˚ciency, and reduced maintenance and repair costs UP TO 8% HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY thanks to high-horsepower reverse UP TO 8% BETTER FUEL EFFICIENCY with combined load-sensing hydraulics and stator clutch torque divider OPTIMIZE YOUR DOZING OPERATION WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH AN EXTRA MONTH OF PRODUCTIVITY A YEAR? That™s equal to 30 10-hour shifts. HOURS / YEAR BASED ON MOVING 5.65M BANK CUBIC YARDS OF MATERIAL 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 D11 D11T 310 HOURS SAVED

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8SAFETY-INFUSED A con˚dent operator is a productive operator. So we™ve infused the D11 with safety to help operators feel safe and con˚dent on the job. DESIGNED FOR COMFORT Noise, vibration, stress and fatigue all have an effect on operator performance Š so we™ve designed an environment that helps minimize them. PRODUCTIVITY- ENHANCED The operator environment in the D11 is more than a cab; it™s an integrated electronic platform designed to maximize productivity. PRODUCTIVE DOZING BEGINS WITH A PRODUCTIVE OPERATOR

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9UNPARALLELED OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT The operator station in the D11 is designed to reduce effort and exposure. The suspended undercarriage absorbs impact and reduces the shock loads transferred to the undercarriage by up to 50 percent Š resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride. The cab is unparalleled, with enhanced ergonomics, a fully adjustable air suspension seat, and controls that are easy to access and operate. Low-effort electronic steering, ripper and dozer controls are easily accessible and provide sure, precise maneuvering. The standard isolation-mounted cab reduces noise and vibration, and conveniently located air circulation vents evenly distribute air˛ow for maximum comfort. INTUITIVE TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY The operator™s primary display screen is large, fast and powerful, with plenty of memory and an intuitive menu structure. The multifunction touchscreen display is the operator™s gateway to monitoring machine performance and a convenient way to modify machine parameters to tailor performance to the current task. The Work Monitor menu screen collects machine data and provides real-time feedback on machine performance to optimize productivity. SAFETY ENHANCEMENTS +Additional platforms, rails and handles +Clean line of sight to front and rear work areas +Optional 360° vision system for a bird™s-eye view +Factory-installed ˜re suppression system +Third-generation powered ladder, which deploys and stores in seconds +Cab door swing option for easy ladder access +Various safety glass options +Automatic engine shutoff if dozer is tipped or rolls over +Seat belt warning system +Operator Not Present monitoring system +Cat MineStar Ž Detect and Command capabilities KEEP OPERATORS SAFE, COMFORTABLE AND IN CONTROL

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10 TAKE INNOVATION TO A NEW LEVEL Cat large dozers became the industry leader by being innovative Š and today™s D11 takes innovation to a new level. Advanced technologies are completely integrated into the dozer, creating smart machines and more informed operators to maximize the productivity of your operation. Products like Automated Blade Assist, Enhanced Auto Shift, Autocarry Ž, Cat Grade Control 3D, Automatic Ripper Control and Terrain with Automatic Blade Control are seamlessly integrated into the D11. In addition, the D11 comes out of the factory ready to integrate Cat MineStar Ž technology, which takes accuracy, ef˚ciency and safety even further.

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11 D11 DOZER TAKE INNOVATION INFORM YOUR OPERATORS TERRAIN FOR GRADING SPEED THE WORK TERRAIN WITH AUTOMATIC BLADE CONTROL With onboard guidance tools and real- time feedback, MineStar Terrain for grading gives operators the information to maximize machine ef˜ciency by monitoring ore bodies, bench heights, cycle times and volume of material cut and ˜lled. Inputs from the of˜ce tell operators where to dig or cut, how much material to move, when they™ve moved enough and even if they™ve moved too much. Terrain™s Automatic Blade Control feature provides full automatics, full blade load and overcut protection integrated into the machine control system on D11 dozers. These tools speed the work, decrease fuel burn and minimize overcut, over˜ll and rehandling. RUN YOUR DOZERS REMOTELY COMMAND FOR DOZING MineStar Command for dozing offers multiple levels of remote control and even semi- autonomous operation, helping increase operator safety and comfort Š as well as the productivity of your dozer ˚eet. Whether you choose the over-the-shoulder remote control console or the remote operator station, your operators can have full control of the dozer without being exposed to dust, noise, vibration or other hazards. With semi- autonomous dozing, a single operator can manage up to four machines from a remote location Š boosting productivity and safety. WORK MORE ACCURATELY, SAFELY AND EFFICIENTLY CAT MINESTAR SOLUTIONS FOR DOZING

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