The hydraulic cylinder snubbers at rod end of boom cylinders, both ends of stick cylinders and bucket cylinder rod end cushion shocks, reduce sound and increase

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2M318C Wheel ExcavatorThe C Series incorporates innovations for improved performance and versatility. Increased lifting capacity, improved cycle times and ease of operation lead to increased productivity and lower operating costs. ServiceabilityAll daily maintenance points areaccessible from ground level. Acentralized greasing system allows lubrication of critical 12Buckets and Work ToolsBuckets, grapples, hammers, andquickcouplers provide a total solution package to the end-user. Built for performance and durability these tools deliver high productivity, long service life and excellent 11Operator StationThe new operator station designmaximizes operator comfort and visibility. Standard features such asergonomic joysticks, soft switch panel and new monitor are some of the features that help allow the operator towork comfortably and efficiently throughout the work 6HydraulicsThe hydraulic system, featuring aseparate swing pump and load-sensing system, provides maximum power and exceptional controllability. The new adjustable hydraulic sensitivity allows adjustment of attachments to find the best setup for any application. pg. 5EngineThe new Cat 3056E DIT ATAACelectronically controlled engine provides increased horsepower. Performance, reliability, durability, excellent fuel economy, and low soundlevels help maximize working efficiency. The engine is U.S. EPA Tier2 emission certified. pg. 4

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New Feature 3Complete Customer SupportYour Cat dealer offers a wide rangeofservices that can be set up under a customer support agreement when you purchase your equipment. The dealer will help you choose a plan that can cover everything from machine and attachment selection to replacement. pg.15 Environmentally Responsible DesignHelping to protect our environment,theengine has low operator and spectator sound levels, longer filter change intervals and is more fuel efficient. pg. 14Booms and SticksThe box section design of all front endstructures provides the strength needed for even the toughest applications. Multiple boom and stick options allow you to pick the best match for your job. pg. 10UndercarriagePin-On design of outriggers and dozerblade allows for interchangeability. Heavy-duty cylinder protection and boxsection design provide excellent 9Ease of OperationThe new Joystick Steering allows theoperator both to work with implements and maneuver the machine without using the steering wheel. This provides significant improvement in operator comfort and 8

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Powerful Performance.The 3056E DITATAAC engine delivers a net power of 113 kW (151 hp) at the rated speed of 2000 rpm, and meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission standards.Turbocharged and Air-to-AirAftercooled.The turbocharger packsdense air into the cylinders for more complete combustion, lower emissions with improved engine performance and efficiency. The air-to-air aftercooler reduces smoke and emissions by providing cooler inlet air for efficient combustion.Cooling System.Features anelectronically controlled variable speed on-demand fan. Driven by a hydraulic motor, fan speed is determined by engine coolant, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and inlet manifold temperature. Cooler operating conditions allow lower average fan speeds resulting in reduced fuel consumption and lower noise levels. The electronic engine control continuously compensates for this fan load, providing consistent net horsepower, regardless of operating conditions.Engine Oil.Caterpillar¨engine oil isformulated to optimize engine life and performance and is recommended for use in Cat diesel engines. The engine oil change interval has been increased to 500 hours.Low Sound, Low Vibration.The 3056Edesign improves operator comfort by reducing sound and vibration.¥Operator sound level, LPA, 72 db(A) ¥Spectator sound level, LWA, 102db(A) Fuel Injection Pump.The new injectionpump is electronically controlled and helps to reduce fuel consumption.Service.The engine is longitudinallymounted on the right side to provide easy access from ground level to the oilfilter, oil filler, oil drain valve, fuel filter, V-belt tightener, and oil dipstick.4EngineBuilt for power, reliability, low maintenance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

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Hydraulic Pumps.The closed centerhydraulic system provides peak flow and pressure at any engine speed, for optimum digging force with precise implement controllability. In addition tothe main hydraulic pump, a dedicated hydraulic pumps for swing, cooling fan motor and pilot systems ensure best in class performance.Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulics.Versatility of the hydraulic system can be expanded to utilize a wide variety ofhydraulic work tools using multiple valve options.High Pressure Auxiliary Circuit ¥The Multi-function Valve is the coreof the Tool Control System. This system allows an operator to select up to five pre-programmed work tools from the monitor. These preset hydraulic parameters support either one-way flow or two-way flow.¥The dedicated Hammer Function Valve is the best option for machines that will only require single direction flow and do not require the flexibility provided by the Multi-function Valve.Medium Pressure Function Valve ¥The Medium Pressure Function Valve provides proportional flow that is ideal for tilting buckets or rotating tools.Stick Regeneration Circuit.The stickregeneration circuit increases efficiency and controllability for higher productivity and lower operating costs.Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers.Thehydraulic cylinder snubbers at rod end of boom cylinders, both ends of stick cylinders and bucket cylinder rod end cushion shocks, reduce sound and increase cylinder life.Caterpillar XT-6ª ES Hoses.To meetthe critical flexibility and strength demands of wheel excavator applications, XT-6 ES hoses are installed in the high pressure hydraulic system.Caterpillar Hydraulic Oil.Maximumprotection in all hydraulic systems against mechanical wear and corrosion. Its high zinc content reduces wear, andextends pump life. Provided certain requirements are met (e.g. S¥O¥SSManalysis every 500 hours), the hydraulic oil change interval is extended from 2,000 hours to 4,000 hours.5HydraulicsFast cycle times, increased lift capacity and high bucket and stick forces combine tomaximize your productivity in any job.

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Monitor.The new, compact monitorenhances viewing while displaying a variety of language-based information that is easy to read and understand.Ð Pre-start system alerts the operator tolow coolant and hydraulic oil levels prior to starting.Ð Filter and oil change warnings aredisplayed when the number of hours reaches the maintenance interval.Ð Tool select function allows theoperator to select a pre-defined hydraulic work tool.Ð Adjustable braking characteristicsenables an operator to select three levels of travel motor retarder aggressiveness when releasing the travel pedal.Ð 23 different languages are availableon the M318C.Joystick Steering.Enables an operatorto reposition the machine in the first gear while simultaneously working with the implements, keeping both hands onthe joysticks. The operator is more productive using this feature.Power Control Settings.Three modesallow the operator to choose the optimum engine and hydraulic power setting.¥Economy mode provides the best fuel efficiency allowing lower owning and operating costs.¥Power mode is used for normal machine operation providing peak performance under any operating condition.¥Travel mode automatically engages when the travel pedal is depressed. This mode provides maximum speed and drawbar pull when repositioning or moving the machine to a new work location.Adjustable Hydraulic Sensitivity.Thishydraulic modulation control allows an operator to adjust the sensitivity ofthe machine according to the job requirements. Four levels of sensitivity can be selected on the soft touch panel to the right of the operator. Lower settings provide finite control, without sacrificing full hydraulic power. This feature can be quickly activated/de-activated using a trigger on the right joystick.8Ease of OperationDesigned for simple, easy operation, the M318C allows the operator to focus on production.

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New Drive Line Concept.The newtravel motor and transmission control inthe drive line provide comfortable travel due to increased smoothness, improvedhydraulic retarding and improved gear shifting.Travel Motor.The advanced travelmotor gives higher hydraulic retarding forces especially in downhill roading bycontinuously using the optimal displacement of the travel motor for retarding. Braking characteristics can beadjusted to the operatorÕs preferred level of retarding in three steps.Transmission Control.Provides moreuseable speed, for faster uphill travel and downhill retarding.Heavy Duty Axles.The front axle offerswide oscillating and steering angles. The transmission is mounted directly onthe rear axle for protection and optimum ground clearance.Advanced Disc Brake System.The newdisc brake system works directly on the hub instead of the drive shaft to avoid planetary gear backlash. This eliminates the rocking effect associated with working free on wheels. The new axle is designed for low maintenance and the oil change intervals have been increased from 1,000 to 2,000 hours further reducing owning and operating costs.Undercarriage Design.A rigid, weldedframe provides excellent durability. Efficient hydraulic lines routing, transmission protection and heavy duty axles make the undercarriage perfect forwheel excavator applications. Bothoutriggers and dozer blade are pin-on for maximum flexibility. Anoptional work tool restraint bar isavailable. Outriggers.The pin-on design allows theoutriggers to be mounted on the front and/or rear for maximum operating stability when digging or lifting and areindividually controlled for leveling onslopes. Dozer Blade.The pin-on designallowsthe dozer blade to be mounted onthe front and/or rear and is used forleveling, clean-up work and for stabilizing the machine during digging applications. The large dozer bottom and parallel design provide minimized groundpressure. Tool Box.A large sealed and lockabletool box is mounted on the undercarriage between the steps on the machineÕs left side. A second optional tool box is available for the right side.9UndercarriageUndercarriage and axle design provides maximum strength, flexibility and mobility on wheels.

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Design.Booms and sticks are welded,box section structures with thick, multi-plate fabrications in high stress areas and are built for performance andlong service life. Flexibility.The choice of two boomsand four sticks provides the right combination of reach and digging forcesfor all applications. One-Piece Boom.The one-piece boom(5.35 m/17 ft 7 in) fits best for all standard applications such as truck loading and digging. The straight section reduces stress flow and helps increase the lifetime of the boom.Variable Adjustable (VA) Boom.Thevariable adjustable boom (5.26m/17 ft 3 in) offers improved rightside visibility and machine roading balance. When working in tight quarters or lifting heavy loads, the VA boom offers the best flexibility. Hammer use is permitted.Industrial StickSticks.Four different stick lengths areoffered to match different application requirements:¥Short stick (2.2 m/7 ft 3 in) for maximum breakout force and liftingcapability. ¥Medium stick (2.5 m/8 ft 2 in) for greater crowd force and lift capacity.¥Long stick (2.8 m/9 ft 2 in) for greater depth and reach requirements.¥Industrial stick (3.3 m/10 ft 10 in) for use with free swinging grapples in material handling and industrial applications.10Booms and SticksDesigned for maximum flexibility to keep production high on all jobs.

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Buckets.Caterpillar offers nineexcavating buckets and three ditch cleaning buckets.Tip Selection.The following tips areavailable for the M318C:¥Long tips ¥Short tips ¥Abrasive tips ¥Penetration tips ¥Sharp corner tips ¥Wide tips Available Couplers.There are severalhydraulic couplers available for theM318C. ¥Quick Couplers enable the operator to simply release one work tool andpick up another. This makes theexcavator highly versatile to suit thebusiness and application needs. ¥Pin Grabber Plus Quick Couplers multiply the versatility and utility byallowing them to pick up and usevirtually any work tool equipped with standard pins. Both manual andhydraulic actuated versions are available. The hydraulic circuit is available as a retrofit kit dedicated to this coupler. Buckets can be reversed for greater flexibility when working around and under obstructions.¥The dedicated Pin-Lock is a hook and pin type interface which features a locking mechanism to ensure a secure fit. Buckets and tools with the matching interface can be changed in about one minute and require onepin (manually inserted into the coupler) to couple tools into place. The Pin-Lock dedicated coupler pins onto thestick, allowing the machine to pick up new and old style competitive work tools that have Pin-Lock style pockets. These tools include buckets, hammers, rippers and augers.¥Tilt-Lock couplers have the same functionality as the Pin-Lock coupler, but with the added benefit of the tilting function. This functionality precisely positions a work tool based on the work demands. This is key for backfilling, ditch cleaning, grading and sloping operations.¥Dedicated Wedge-Lock couplers areconsidered the standard when talking about dedicated couplers on hydraulic excavators. This coupler design provides excellent durability in the most demanding applications. A range of buckets, hammer/ compactor brackets, grapples and other tools are available for this coupler style.Tool Control.The integrated ToolControl system allows for five pre-set combinations, eliminating the need to re-set the hydraulic parameters each time a tool is changed. Individual flow and pressure can be programmed easily as well as one-way/two-way hydraulic functions. Each of the five programmed tools can even be given a specific name via the monitor.Work Tools.A variety of work tools areavailable from Caterpillar, including buckets, quick couplers, grapples, hammers and many others to meet yourapplication requirements. Multi-Processor.The CaterpillarMulti-Processors can be equipped withdifferent jaw types depending onyour need. ¥CC-jaws combi cutter ¥CR-jaws concrete cutter ¥PP-jaws primary pulverizer ¥PS-jaws secondary pulverizer ¥TS-jaws tank shear ¥S-jaws steel Multi-Grapple.The Multi-Grapplewithunlimited left and right rotation isthe ideal tool for stripping, sorting, handling and loading.Orange Peel Grapple.Specificallydesigned for handling scrap and rock inrecycling and transfer applications. Clamshell.For applications requiringvertical excavation capability or in material transfer needs, a clamshell provides an ideal solution. The free- swinging tool increases the working envelop of your excavator.Hammer.With their wide variety oftools, Cat hammers provide the perfect match for maximum life, efficiency andproductivity. 11Buckets and Work Tools A wide variety of buckets and work tools help optimize machine performance.

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