Ooni Karu safety manual carefully. Keep Ooni Karu company while burn off any oils or coatings add the chimney cap to the oven body to create a seal.
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Important Ooni Karu is designed for outdoor use only. Do not ˜re in high winds. Your safety is paramount. Please read the Ooni Karu safety manual carefully. Keep Ooni Karu company while preheating and cooking. It must not be left unattended while lit. Ooni Karu has been designed to run at up to 932˚F (500˚C). If Ooni Karu exceeds these temperatures, stop adding fuel and allow to cool.Ensure children and pets are kept at a safe distance and supervised at all times around Ooni Karu. Ooni Karu will get hot. Do not touch the outer shell while in use.Contents Say hello to Ooni Karu 2Getting the most from Ooni Karu 4Ooni Karu features 6What™s in the box? 8Tools for cooking 10Which fuel should you use? 12Chimney vent 14Cooking withWood 16Charcoal 18Gas 20Flame management 22Top tips for making great pizza 24Top tips for launching pizza 26Recipes Ooni Classic Pizza Dough 28Ooni Classic Pizza Sauce 30Pizza Margherita 32Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Onions 34Care instructions 36Troubleshooting 38Keep in touch 431

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Everyone deserves great pizza, and that™s why we launched Ooni Karu on Kickstarter in 2019. Thanks to backers from around the world supporting this product, you can enjoy delicious meals cooked with ˜re in this awesome portable, wood- and charcoal- ˜red pizza oven. We put this Essentials Guide together to help you to get the most out of Ooni Karu. Have a read, prepare your ingredients and then invite your friends and family to join you – the way you cook and enjoy food outdoors is about to change forever. Ooni Karu is powered by real wood and charcoal, with a portable design and powerful ˛ames and heat retention once lit. If you prefer to cook with gas, simply attach the Ooni Gas Burner* so you can ˜re up with propane and achieve those same high heats. Ooni Karu heats to 932˚F (500˚C) and is ready to start cooking awesome pizza in just 10 minutes Œ create authentic Neapolitan- style pizza, plus incredible steak, delicious roasted vegetables and more. Like all Ooni products, cooking with Ooni Karu is simple, fun and unique. Whether you™re a beginner or pro, the Essentials Guide will help you to enjoy the Ooni Karu experience. Be sure to hold onto this guide for hints, tips and delicious recipes. Thank you for being part of the Ooni Community and enjoy Ooni Karu – we know you™re going to love it. Kristian and the Ooni Team Say hello to Ooni Karu! 1% of Ooni™s global turnover is actively managed for charitable causes and positive social and environmental change through the Ooni Impact Fund. So far we have planted tens of thousands of trees and we™re a member of 1% for the Planet. ooni.com/impact*available via ooni.com. Region dependent. 23

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Before you get ˜red up and cooking, read through your Manual and Safety Instructions and store them for future reference. Before you cook Before you cook for the ˜rst time, run Ooni Karu at top temperatures for at least 30 minutes. Allow the oven to cool and wipe the inside with dry paper towels. This process is called seasoning and it will burn o˝ any oils or coatings that are remnants from the manufacturing process. Take this time to familiarise yourself with the features of Ooni Karu. Now you™re ready to invite friends and family over for the best pizza they™ve ever had.Using suitable fuel is the ˜rst step towards delicious food. When you ˜re up with high-quality fuel, you will get amazing food out. See page 12 for further information. When cooking with the Gas Burner, check the connections on the propane tank, hose and regulator. They should be secured and checked for leaks before every cook.Place Ooni Karu on a table sturdy enough to hold the oven and your ingredients. Wooden and stone surfaces are recommended; glass and plastic surfaces are not. If you want to change from using solid fuels to using the Gas Burner while cooking, it™s essential to allow Ooni Karu to cool ˜rst before attaching the Gas Burner. Cooking Ooni Karu has been designed to run at up to 932˚F (500˚C). If your oven exceeds this temperature, simply stop adding fuel. You can also remove the hatch to lower the temperature. If you are taking a break from cooking, give Ooni Karu a rest too Œ stop adding fuel or switch o˝ the Gas Burner. Everybody loves 60-second pizza, including children! Pizza is a great way to get them involved in prepping dinner. Remember to supervise children at all times and to keep them and pets at a safe distance while Ooni Karu is hot.Getting the most from Ooni Karu Before attempting to move or clean Ooni Karu after cooking, wait for at least 1 hour after extinguishing. Store when Ooni Karu is completely cool and dry. Never use water to cool down or extinguish Ooni Karu.Learn moreWe have a passionate community of Ooni owners from around the world at community.ooni.com who are constantly innovating and creating amazing dishes. You can also ˜nd delicious recipes, video guides and inspiration at ooni.com If you have any questions – or want to send us some photos of your dishes – reach us at support@ooni.com We love hearing from you and are always happy to o˝er advice, recipes and more. Excited to get cooking? Skip to pages 16-20 for lighting instructions.45Ooni Karu is for outdoor use only. Do not ˜re in high winds.

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Ooni Karu features Wood and charcoal Ooni Karu needs good air˛ow to reach optimum temperatures. When ˜ring with solid fuels, set up with at least 3 feet (1 metre) of space around the oven for proper air˛ow. Remember to remove the chimney cap and leave the door on for optimum performance. GasRemove the chimney and door when cooking with gas. You can add the chimney cap to the oven body to create a seal. 67The door will be hot while cooking so be mindful of where you place it when it is removed.

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What™s in the box? 1. Main body Fully insulated to help Ooni Karu run e˙ciently and retain heat. Ooni Karu has three legs that keep it sturdy and safe and non-slip feet to protect your table-top surface. 2. Chimney Draws heat through Ooni Karu when cooking with wood and charcoal. The chimney™s quick release feature allows you to set up and pack down with ease. The chimney vent controls the total air˛ow through the oven body and can be adjusted while wearing heat resistant gloves. See page 14 for more information. 3. Fuel hatch Fully insulated to hold in heat. Remove when adding wood and charcoal to the burner. 4. Rear vent cap Covers the rear of Ooni Karu when cooking with wood or charcoal to control ˛ames. 5. Door Thick and fully insulated to retain heat, with a cool-to-touch handle. The door must be o˚ when cooking with gas.6. Burner Carefully designed to help Ooni Karu reach optimum temperatures when ˜ring with wood and charcoal. The holes in the grate serve a dual purpose: to increase air˛ow through the fuel and to allow excess ash to drop away from the burning area. 7. Stone baking board Custom-made from durable cordierite stone, the stone baking board retains heat and cooks pizza bases perfectly. 8 . Chimney cap Keeps rainwater out of Ooni Karu when not in use. This doubles as a seal for Ooni Karu when the chimney is removed for gas-˜red cooking. door will be hot while cooking so be mindful of where you place it when it is removed.

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Which fuel should you use? Ooni Karu has been designed for use with solid fuels, including real wood and charcoal, as well as propane gas with the use of the Gas Burner accessory. Whichever fuel you choose, Ooni Karu will cook incredible dishes. Note that Ooni Karu preheats super quickly and will heat most e˙ciently when topped up with fuel gradually, which creates the best environment to allow for proper air˛ow. Top up little and often to maintain consistent temperatures. Solid fuels should never over˛ow out of the grate and the fuel hatch should always be able to ˜t in place and close comfortably. Before you cook, use a hard- wearing brush to clean any excess ash or fuel residue from the grate so that the air can ˛ow through the perforations. Cooking with ˜re is as much an art as it is as a science Œ the following table will give you an idea of the results to expect from each fuel: * Please note that the above ˜gures are estimates and are dependent on weather and ambient temperatures. ** Gas Burner available at ooni.com. Region dependent. Fuel Temperature Bene˜tsCharcoal & Wood Up to 932°F (500°C)Lighting a base layer of charcoal keeps a steady, even temperature; adding wood will give a burst of heat and wood- ˜red ˛avor, which is perfect for pizza. See page 16 for lighting instructions. Wood Up to 932°F (500°C)Cooking with wood alone is the fuel of choice for Neapolitan pizza purists. Wood is also ideal for any food that enjoys a fast cooking time, such as steak, ˜sh and vegetables.See page 16 for lighting instructions. Charcoal Up to 932°F (500°C)Bake amazing bread, meat and more with charcoal. We love the option for low and slow cooking with charcoal and it gives you the option to bake thicker-crust and deeper-dish pizza. Charcoal will give a base temperature without excess ˛ame. See page 18 for lighting instructions. Gas **From 482-932°F (250-500°C)For cooking with ultimate speed and reaching super high temperatures very quickly, use the Ooni Gas Burner to create the ideal temperature for cooking pizza and so much more. See page 20 for lighting instructions. 1213Never use water to clean the grate.

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Chimney vent The easiest way to regulate temperature in Ooni Karu is through fuel management. The inbuilt chimney vent also allows for adjustments to be made to air˚ow and heat distribution through the oven. If your Ooni Karu is not running hot enough on wood or charcoal, check that your chimney vent is open and chimney cap is removed. This will provide maximum air˛ow and top temperatures through the oven. Open chimney vent – increases the draw of air through the oven, creating more powerful ˛ames and an increased heat. Closed chimney vent – reduces the draw of air for a smokier e˝ect and a lower heat. 1415Are your pizza toppings cooking faster than the pizza base? Simply close the chimney vent to bring down the ˛ames , which gives the pizza base more time to cook.

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Cooking with wood The sounds of crackling wood and the incredible smell of a wood-burning ˜re make for a really sensory cooking experience and add wood-˜red ˛avor to food. We recommend cooking with 100% hardwood, which create powerful rolling ˛ames. Types of wood Always use kiln-dried hardwood for the best results. Beech and oak are our favourite to use in Ooni Karu. Do not use treated or painted wood. Wood with high resin content, such as pine or spruce, might add unwanted ˜avours to your cooking.1. Start with 3-6 pieces of wood in your grate and light with natural ˜restarters. You can also light with a blowtorch. 2. Refuel when the wood has mainly burnt to embers but before all visible ˛ames have disappeared. 3. Add fuel little and often and do not over˜ll – wood must not over˛ow the grate. 1.2.3.Size We recommend pieces of wood approximately 15cm (6fl). Too big Best15cmGood1617It is normal to see smoke when cooking with wood. Ooni Karu will burn cleanly and with minimal smoke when running at optimum temperatures.

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Cooking with lump charcoal Lump charcoal o˚ers a wide range of temperatures and is an easy choice for low and slow cooking in Ooni Karu. We use charcoal for non- pizza dishes that do not need the same exposure to ˛ame. Use good quality, sustainably sourced lump charcoal like Ooni Premium Lump Wood Charcoal. Lump charcoal will burn down to a small amount of ash, reducing your clean-up. Do not use briquettes as they will block the holes in the grate, resulting in reduced air˜ow. 1. Start with 2-3 pieces of charcoal in your grate and light with natural ˜restarters. 2. Ooni Karu is not ready to cook when the charcoal is black and producing smoke. When your charcoal is glowing white with red centre, it is ready to cook.3. Top up little and often to maintain a good base temperature. Always leave room for air˛ow through the grate. combination of charcoal and wood is a great way to cook in Ooni Karu. You can achieve a steady base temperature with lump charcoal and adding wood gives a burst of heat and wood-˜red ˛avour.

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