55E Stick is suited to high-capacity and high-digging force buckets used in trenching, excavation, and other general construction work. It has been designed

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2330C L Hydraulic ExcavatorIncreased work tool options, improved cycletimes, and ease of operation lead toincreased productivity and lower operating costs. Complete Customer SupportYour Cat dealer offers a wide rangeofservices that can be set up under a customer support agreement when you purchase your equipment. The dealer will help you choose a plan that can cover everything from machine and attachment selection to replacement. pg. 11Booms and SticksBuilt for good performance and longservice life, Caterpillar¨booms andsticks are large, welded, box-section structures with thick, multi-plate fabrications to resist high stress. Caterpillar offers various front combinations to meet various demands. pg. 6StructuresRugged Caterpillar undercarriagedesign and proven structural manufacturing techniques assure outstanding durability in the toughest applications.pg. 5Engine and HydraulicsNew to the 330C L, the Cat C9 enginecombines with proven hydraulics to give the 330C L consistently high power and control in the field. pg. 4

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New Feature 3ServiceabilityLonger service intervals and easiermaintenance results in better machine availability and lower owning and operating costs.pg. 10Work Tools Ð AttachmentsThe Tool Control System of the330CLallows the hydraulic system toeffectively handle hydromechanical tools. Tool settings can be programmed and selected from the monitor. pg. 8Operator StationThe 330C L operator work station isquiet with ergonomic control placement and convenient adjustments, low lever and pedal effort, ergonomic seat design and highly efficient ventilation. pg. 7

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Engine.Six cylinder turbochargedengine built for power, reliability, economy and low emissions will keepthe machine up and running. Automatic Engine Speed Control.Thetwo-stage, one-touch control maximizes fuel efficiency and reduces sound levels.Low Sound, Low Vibration.The C9design improves operator comfort byreducing sound and vibration. HEUIª Fuel System.The HEUIªfuel system provides improved emissions to meet EPA Tier 2 regulations and lower fuel consumption.Hydraulic Cross Sensing System.Improves productivity with faster implement speeds and quicker, stronger pivot turns.Fine Swing Control.Fine swing controlcushions swing start and stop for better implement control.Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers.Thehydraulic cylinder snubbers at therod-end of the boom cylinders and both ends of the stick cylinders cushion shocks and increases cylinder life, keeping the machine working longer.Controllability.The hydraulic systemoffers precise control to the 330C L, reducing operator fatigue, improving operator effectiveness and efficiency, which ultimately translates into enhanced performance.Boom and Stick Regeneration Circuit.Boom and stick regeneration circuit increases efficiency and reduces cycle times for higher productivity and lower operating costs.4Engine and HydraulicsCat C9 engine and hydraulics give the 330C L exceptional power, efficiency and controllability unmatched in the industry for consistently high performance in all applications.

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Robotic Welding.Up to 95% of thestructural welds on a Caterpillar Excavator are completed by robots. Robotic welds achieve up to three timesthe penetration of manual welds. Carbody Design and Track Roller Frames.X-shaped, box-section carbody provides excellent resistance to torsional bending. Robot-welded track roller frames are press-formed, pentagonal units to deliver exceptional strength and service life.Main Frame.Rugged main frame isdesigned for maximum durability andefficient use of materials. Undercarriage.Durable Catundercarriage absorbs stresses andprovides excellent stability. Rollers and Idlers.Sealed andlubricated carrier rollers, idlers, andheavy duty track rollers provide excellent service life, to keep the machine in the field longer.Grease Lubricated Track.The GreaseLubricated Track provides long track pin and bushing wear, and quiet travel.Long Undercarriage.The long (L)undercarriage maximizes stability andlift capacity. This long, wide and sturdy undercarriage offers a very stablework platform. 5Structures330C L structural components and undercarriage are the backbone of the machineÕsdurability.

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Reach Boom.The reach boom featuresan optimum design that maximizes digging envelopes with two stick choices.Mass Excavation Boom.The massexcavation boom maximizes productivity. The mass version offerssignificantly higher digging forces and allows use of larger buckets.R3.2D Stick.The R3.2D Stick providesthe capacity for excellent reach and depth in trenching and general construction applications.R3.9D Stick.Made of high-tensilestrength steel and designed with the same application needs in mind as the R3.2D, with the added capability of increased reach and depth.M2.55E Stick.The M2.55E Stick is suitedto high-capacity and high-digging force buckets used in trenching, excavation, and other general construction work. Ithas been designed with reach and depth for good truck loading match.6Booms and SticksBuilt for performance and long service life, Caterpillar booms and sticks are large, welded, box-section structures with thick, multi-plate fabrications in high-stress areas.

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Heavy-Duty Power (HDP) Buckets.Designed to improve breakout force and machine cycle times, the Heavy Duty Power Bucket (HDP) compliments the General Purpose, Heavy Duty, and Heavy Duty Rock bucket lines.General Purpose (GP) Buckets.GeneralPurpose Buckets are best fordigging in soft to hard ground with low to moderately abrasive materials.Ditch Cleaning (DC) Buckets.These wideshallow buckets are best for bank forming, ditch cleaning, and finishing.Heavy-Duty Rock (HDR) Buckets.Heavy-Duty Rock Buckets perform bestwhen digging fragmented rock, frozen ground, caliche, and highly abrasive materials.Heavy-Duty (HD) Buckets.Heavy-dutybuckets are for digging in moderate to hard material and feature large ground engaging tools, thick cutting edges and thick bottom and side wear plates to improve performance in demanding conditions.Pin Grabber Plus CouplerQuick Couplers.The Pin Grabber Plusand the Dedicated Hydraulic Quick Coupler enhances machine versatility by enabling the rapid change over of awide range of work tools in the field. 8Increased offerings of work tools help optimize machine performance. Work Tools Ð Attachments Heavy-Duty Power Bucket

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Monitor.With the optional tool controlsystem, up to five different tool settings may be pre-programmed and selected from the electronic controller through the monitor.Work Tools.Choose from a variety ofwork tools such as hammers, shears, compactors, thumbs, rotators, grapples or crushers. Ask your Cat dealer for information on attachments or special configurations.Multi-processorHammerTool Control System.The optional toolcontrol system maximizes work tool productivity by configuring hydraulic flow, pressure, and operator controls tomatch a specific work tool. System versatility enables a wide range of tools to be used. Factory installed combined function, hammer and thumb circuits are available as attachments.Compactor9

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Extended Service Interval.330C Lservice and maintenance intervals havebeen extended to reduce machine service time and increase machine availability.Radiator Compartment.The left rearservice door allows easy access to the engine radiator. A reserve tank and drain cock are attached to the radiator for simplified maintenance.Air Filter Compartment.The air filterfeatures a double-element construction for superior cleaning efficiency. Whenthe air cleaner plugs, a warning isdisplayed on the monitor screen inside the cab.Ground Level Service.The design andlayout of the 330C L was made with the service technician in mind. Many service locations are easily accessible at ground level allowing critical maintenance to get done quickly and efficiently.Pump Compartment.A service dooronthe right side of the upper structure allows ground-level access to the pump and pilot filter.Capsule Filter.The hydraulic returnfilter, a capsule filter, is situated outside the hydraulic tank. This filter prevents contaminants from entering the system when hydraulic oil is changed and keeps the operation clean.Diagnostics and Monitoring.The 330CL is equipped with S¥O¥SSMsampling portsand hydraulic test ports for the hydraulic system, engine oil and for coolant. A test connection for the Electronic Technician (ET) service toolis located behind the cab. Anti-Skid ÒPunched StarÓ Plate.Anti-skid punched-star plate covers top of storage box and upper structure to prevent slipping during maintenance. The plate can be removed for cleaning.Fan Guard.Engine radiator fan iscompletely enclosed by fine wire mesh,reducing the risk of an accident. Greasing Points.A concentrated remotegreasing block on the boom delivers grease to hard-to-reach locations.10ServiceabilitySimplified service and maintenance features save you time and money.

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Selection.Make detailed comparisonsof the machines you are considering before you buy. What are the job requirements? What production is needed? What is the true cost of lost production? Your Cat dealer can give you precise answers to these questions.Operation.Improving operatingtechniques can boost your profits. YourCat dealer has training literature and other ideas to help you increase productivity.Product Link Ready.The 330C L comesfrom the factory ready for easy Product Link installation.Maintenance.Repair option programsguarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as Scheduled Oil Sampling and Technical Analysis help you avoid unscheduled repairs.Replacement.Repair, rebuild or replace?Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.Product Support.You will find nearlyall parts at our dealer parts counter. Catdealers utilize a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine down time. Savemoney with remanufactured components.11Complete Customer SupportCat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

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