With more arm digging force, bucket breakout force, and lift Like all John Deere machines, the G-Series Excavators are loaded.

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23Cover all the angles.Heavier and stronger than their popular predecessors, the 210G and 210G LC are also more productive. So, whether you use them to excavate footings, load trucks, set stone, place pipe, or whatever, you™ll get more done per gallon of fuel. What™s more, they™re loaded with 210G LC cover all the angles so you can, too.

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Both the standard-undercarriage 210G and long-undercarriage 210G LC pack plenty of ability into highly versatile and easy-to- transport packages. reducing noise, fuel consumption, and operating costs. Reversing option automatically back-blows cooler cores to keep them clean. time machine utilization and health data, plus location information. Machine-health prognostics proactively suggest maintenance to correct problems early before they turn into costly downtime. And remote diagnostics and programming enable your dealer to read diagnostic codes, and record performance data without a trip to the jobsite. It™s the most comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of technology available for increasing uptime and productivity while 210G210G LC Net rated power 119 kW (159 hp)119 kW (159 hp)Operating weight 21 562 kg (47,494 lb.)22 910 kg (50,463 lb.)Maximum digging depth6.68 m (21 ft. 11 in.)6.68 m (21 ft. 11 in.)Arm digging force 114 kN (25,543 lb.)114 kN (25,543 lb.)Bucket digging force 156 kN (35,138 lb.)156 kN (35,138 lb.)

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Additional hydraulic capability a necessity? auxiliary packages enable you to meet the need. Accommodates a wide assortment of attachment needs. Choose from a variety of track widths, arm lengths, buckets, and other options. Powerwise III perfectly balances engine performance and High productivity delivers more power and faster hydraulic response to move more material. Power maximizes fuel economy while balancing horsepower and speed for normal operation. Economy helps conserve fuel as it reduces top speed.45Unearth more work. With more arm digging force, bucket breakout force, and lift capacity, 210G and 210G LC are impressive performers. But even metering, and smooth-as-silk low-effort control that have become trademarks of our excavators. And if you™re looking to put even more work within reach, add any of the many options and attachments

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1231. throw low-effort controls, unmatched metering, and smooth multi-function operation give you the precision you need. 2. torque help speed cycles, so you can keep 3. When the digging gets tough, simply press the power-boost button on the right-hand control and muscle through.

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Get unsurpassed operating ease. employs a rotary control that makes it quick and easy to tap into an abundance of performance and convenience functions and features. Operators will also appreciate the comfortable fabric-covered high-back seat and increased legroom in the spacious, well-appointed cab. As and numerous other amenities provide everything your operators need to do their best work. 67

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189Nothing runs like nothing is built like one. Unlike some excavators that scream for attention, the hydraulically driven-on-demand fans in our G-Series run only as fast as needed. For systems keep things running cool, even in high-trash environments durability-enhancing fiextrasfl such as tungsten-carbide thermal- coated arm surfaces, oil-impregnated bushings, and welded-boom bulkheads. For maximum uptime and long-term durability. When 1. frames provide maximum cab and component protection.

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234Reinforced resin thrust plates, grooved bushings, and thermal-coated bucket joints increase arm and boom lube intervals to 500 hours.Oil-impregnated bushings enhance durability and extend grease intervals to 500 hours for the arm-and-boom joint and 100 hours for the bucket joint. Tungsten-carbide coating creates an extremely wear-resistant surface to protect the all-important bucket-to-arm joint. bulkheads within the boom resist torsional stress for unsurpassed durability. Booms, arms, and mainframes are so tough, they™re warranted for three years or 10,000 hours. Thick-plate single-sheet mainframe, box- section track frames, and industry-exclusive double-seal swing bearing deliver rock- solid durability. Wet-sleeve cylinder liners, mono-steel pistons, and large-diameter connecting rods ensure long-term engine durability. 2. With large idlers, rollers, and strutted links, the sealed and lubricated undercarriage delivers long and reliable performance. 3. system keeps things cool, even in tough environments or high altitudes.4. TK-Series bucket teeth are engineered for maximum strength and impact absorption. Hammer-free installation mizes downtime.

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123Uncover all the ways we keep costs down. with features that make them hassle-free to service and low-cost to maintain. Large, easy-to-open doors and easy-access service points make quick work of the daily routine. Remote-mounted vertical intervals minimize maintenance, too. Plus the Machine Information manage uptime and costs. Centralized lubrication banks place They make greasing less messy and time consuming, too.Machine Information Center captures and stores vital machine performance and utilization data to help improve uptime. Fluid-level sight gauges are conveniently located and can be checked at a glance.Convenient color-coded lubrication and maintenance chart helps ensure that nothing gets overlooked.Auto-idle automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics aren™t in use. Auto-shutdown further preserves precious fuel. Optional reversing fan back-blows cooler cores to reduce debris buildup. It™s a welcome addition that helps increase uptime.Large fuel tanks and 500- and 5,000-hour engine and hydraulic oil-service intervals decrease downtime for routine maintenance.1011

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61. scheduled maintenance intervals and issues reminders. Should a problem arise, it provides diagnostic information to help decrease downtime.2. diagnostic test ports help speed preventative maintenance and defeat downtime. 3. ground-level servicing. 4. serviced from outside the cab where it™s more likely to get done. 5. coolant reservoir make daily checks and/or additions quick and easy. 6. Perforations in the side shields act passes through will also clear the 45

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