With their hydrostatic drivetrains and impressive drawbar pull, our dozers work well with rear-mount attachments such as rippers and cable plows. MODEL. DOZER

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IT™S GOT YOUR FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER IT. Equipment owners and operators like you had a hand in perfecting our K-Series Dozers. Armed with real-world experience, participants in our Customer Advocate Group (CAG) offered their expertise. We listened and responded with numerous enhancements including diesel engines for generous \ productivity. Spacious cabs that are noticeably quieter and more comfortable. And features that simplify serviceability such as a ground-level air cleaner and an easy-to-clean V-cool package. Add the operating ease and maneuverability for which our dozers are known, and the K-Series is an obvious choice. 4

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PROVEN FEATURES DO MORE FOR YOUR BOTTOM LINE. without a lot of extra effort. State-of-the-art electronic controls put an operator in complete command of an arsenal of production-boosting hydrostatic advantages, including power turns, counter-rotating WUWD help save fuel without loss of productivity, adding more money to your bottom line. 10%AUTOMATIC POWER BOOST (750K AND 850K)Move forward These dozers steer the same and maintain their preset speed whether working on level ground or a 2-to-1 slope. So there™s no need to cross-steer or ride a brake. Counter-rotation Counter-rotation enables an operator to overcome heavy corner loads and quickly reposition the blade on the go. Provides space-saving spot turns, too.Power playerSimply set maximum desired ground speed, and the power-management system automatically maintains peak without stalling or shifting. Power boost Independent track control speeds up or slows down each side Š for smooth, full-power turns. Automatic 10-percent power boost on the 750K and 850K helps carry big blade loads through turns.Eco modeStandard Eco mode automatically adjusts engine power and trans- mission settings based on load while maintaining ground speed, to help optimize fuel economy with no loss of productivity. Auto-idle helps save fuel by reducing engine speed when the dozer is not moving.Grade control When you order your dozer grade- control ready, our fiopen-architecturefl design makes adding a grade-control system as easy as plugging in the components, calibrating, and going to work, whether your preference be Trimble, Leica, or a factory-installed Topcon 3D-MC 2 system. Match ground speed as needed speed to the load. Travel can also terrain conditions, or operating preferences Š or limited to maximize undercarriage life.

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STANDOUT FEATURE PROFIT FROM PERFORMANCE. PRECISE GRADES, STRONG BLADES John Deere dozers enjoy solid reputations as superior grading machines. Unlike other machines that utilize a common mainframe for all models, our purpose- built design optimizes blade ratio and center of gravity for optimum balance. Durability is also second-to-none. Advantages such as noticeably larger push beams, closed-cell blades, box-section C-frames, and steel-cable-supported Cordura®-covered hydraulic hoses provide long-term stamina and strength. Expansive viewsCab-forward design provides a commanding view behind, below, and beyond the blade. Side and rear visibility are virtually unobstructed. metering ensure powerful and quick blade response, while providing the natural fifeelfl that enhances any operator™s grading ability. EH-control optionOptional electrohydraulic (EH) controls for both power-angle-tilt (PAT) or outside dozer (OSD) blade smoothly and productively in a range of terrain conditions. They also simplify grade-control installation. Blade pitch Hydraulic power-pitch option for outside-mount straight or semi-U blades (750K and 850K only) allows blade pitch to be controlled from the cab, for improved ground penetration and load carrying. Using programmable return-to-pitch settings, activated at the touch of a button, the operator RXU position settings on PAT dozers and W outside-mount dozers allow you maximize productivity. Grade like a pro Greaseless shim-adjustable clamshell bearings in the front and rear joints of the push beams ensure a tight connection, for low-maintenance, filike-newfl grading performance. Have it down PAT PAT blade™s heavy-duty ball-and- socket C-frame joint resists material buildup, for long-term grading precision. Blade Shake feature automatically vibrates dirt off PAT blades at the touch of a button.Cross-member supportHeavy-duty cross-members provide solid lateral support and are shaped to allow a clear view of the bottom of the blade. Their raised position allows generous clearance at the end of the push.OSD blade beams and a three-position pitch-adjustable semi-U blade, outside- mount 750K and 850K Dozers deliver exceptional durability and high-production performance. UP TO 168 in. BLADE WIDTH 6

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COMFORT ZONE GET MORE DONE INSIDE. Of course you want your operators to be more productive. So why not put them in the seat of a K-Series Dozer™s noticeably quiet and spacious cab? )WRPL]\ in all directions, these standard-setting dozers are loaded with productivity boosters to keep your operators comfortably productive Š and on your payroll. 8 8

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Have a seat Standard high-back air-suspension seat and optional deluxe heated and leather-bolstered lower cushion adjust multiple ways for daylong comfort and support. Arm- and footrests also adjust. Quiet and comfortable insulation effectively isolate operators from vibration and noise. At around 75 dBA, the cab is comfortably quiet. Everything in its placeIn-cab storage is ample and accessible. If you™re running a grade-control system, the lockable in-dash compartment is ideal for end-of-day storage Š or permanent placement Š of the monitor.$ control of keyless start and access to exclusive features such as turbo cool-down timer, auto shutdown, and Eco mode. When enabled, touchpad security system requires a numeric pass code to help prevent unauthorized machine operation. Up to speed Use the decelerator to slow both ground speed and engine rpm. Or ground speed only to help maintain traction without affecting engine power and hydraulic applies the brakes. TMC Exclusive Total Machine Control (TMC) monitor lets an operator select decelerator mode and response, forward/reverse ground-speed ranges, V and forward/reverse speed ratios. Take command Low-effort controls command the blade and full-featured hydrostatic drivetrain, for reliable response in a wide variety of jobsite conditions.Low-effort control Ergonomically correct joystick provides intuitive, low-effort control of steering, direction, and ground speed. It™s detented so it doesn™t require an operator™s constant touch or attention, and employs a thumb-actuated travel- speed control switch.75-dBACOMFORTABLY QUIET CAB

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PROVEN PERFORMERS NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE. Designed and built with state-of-the-art tools and techniques by a quality-conscious workforce at our facility in Dubuque, Iowa, the K-Series comes loaded with uptime-boosting features. Enhancements such as our unique V-cool system, ground-level air cleaner, and exclusive turbo cool-down timer Š plus proven John Deere features such as one-piece unitized mainframes, ‘XUD7U our dozers the durability you need. When you know how they™re built, you™ll run these Deere. 10

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Cool and collectedV-cool design isolates coolers from dust and engine heat for increased DELOLW\ behind the heavy-duty grille and fan, coolers are also less vulnerable. John Deere diesels(3 engines meet emission regulations IIIB solution to deliver performance, \ – integrated, and fully supported. It W Cooling fan Variable-speed on-demand fan automatically speeds up or slows down, operating only as needed DQ (optional on the 700K) automatically backblows the cooler cores at preset simply press a button to actuate the reversing cycle.Undercarriage optionsThe 750K and 850K come with a durable Standard Life undercarriage. Maximum Life undercarriage, with stronger seals and larger components, is standard on the 700K. Choose optional Extended Life undercarriage with SC-2Ž bushings that deliver up to twice the wear life for any of the three models.Designed for the long haul Closed-cell blade design and robot- welded, fabricated, box-section C-frame are strong and durable. Heavy-duty ball-and-socket joint resists material buildup, for long- term grading precision. Sturdy construction One-piece welded mainframe resists torsional stress, absorbs shock loads, and maximizes strength while allowing easy service access to major components. Heavy-duty double- mounted independent of the track frames, where they™re effectively protected from shock loads. STANDARD REVERSING FAN (OPTIONAL ON 700K)

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