This Service Manual has been prepared with two purposes in mind. First, it will acquaint the user with the construction of the. Buell product and assist in

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Always wear proper eye protection when using hammers, arbor or hydraulic presses, gear pullers, spring com- pressors, slide hammers and similar tools. Flying parts could result in death or serious injury. (00496b) Some of these service operations require the use of tools specially designed for the purpose.These special tools should be used when and as recommended. It is important to note that some warnings against the use of specific service methods, which could damage the motorcycle or render it unsafe, are stated in this manual. However, please remember that these warnings are not all-inclusive. Inadequate safety precautions could result in death or serious injury. Since Buell Motorcycle Company could not possibly know, evaluate or advise the service trade of all possible ways in which service might be performed, or of the possible hazardous consequences of each method, we have not undertaken any such broad evaluation. Accordingly, anyone who uses a service procedure or tool which is not recommended by Buell Motor- cycle Company must first thoroughly satisfy himself that neither his nor the operator’s safety will be jeopardized as a result. Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury. PRODUCT REFERENCES Read and follow warnings and directions on all products. Failure to follow warnings and directions can result in death or serious injury. (00470b) When reference is made in this manual to a specific brand name product, tool or instrument, an equivalent product, tool or instrument may be substituted. Kent-Moore Products All tools mentioned in this manual with an “HD”, “J” or “B” preface must be ordered through SPX Kent-Moore. For ordering information or product returns, warranty or otherwise, visit Loctite Sealing and Threadlocking Products Some procedures in this manual call for the use of Loctite products. If you have any questions regarding Loctite product usage or retailer/wholesaler locations, please contact Loctite Corp. at PRODUCT REGISTERED MARKS Alcantara S.p.A., Allen, Amp Multilock, Bluetooth, Brembo, Delphi, Deutsch, Dunlop, Dynojet, Fluke, G.E.Versilube, Gunk, Hydroseal, Hylomar, Kevlar, Lexan, Loctite, Lubriplate, Keps, K&N, Magnaflux, Marson Thread-Setter Tool Kit, MAXI fuse, Molex, MPZ, Mulitilock, Novus, Packard, Pirelli, Permatex, Philips, PJ1, Pozidriv, Robinair, S100, Sems, Snap-on, Teflon, Threadlocker, Torca, Torco, TORX, Tufoil, Tyco, Ultratorch, Velcro, X-Acto, and XM Satellite Radio are among the trade- marks of their respective owners. H-D MICHIGAN, INC.TRADEMARK INFORMATION 1125CR, 1125R, Blast, Buell, Firebolt, Glaze, Gloss, Harley, Harley-Davidson, HD, H-D, Lightning, Sunwash, Tender, Triple Tail, Thunderstorm, Ulysses, Uniplanar, ZTL and ZTL-2 are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, Inc. CONTENTSAll photographs, illustrations and procedures in this manual may not necessarily depict the most current model or com- ponent, but are based on the latest production information available at the time of publication. Since product improvement is our continual goal, Buell Motor- cycle Company reserves the right to change specifications, equipment or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligation. II FOREWORD

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MAINTENANCE1.1 FASTENER TORQUE VALUES Fastener Torque Values in this Chapter 1-11.2 GENERALServicing a New Motorcycle ..1-3Safe Operating Maintenance .1-3 Shop Practices .1-3Repair Notes1-3Safety ..1-3Removing Parts ..1-3 Cleaning.1-3 Disassembly and Assembly .1-4 Checking Torques on Fasteners with Lock Patches ..1-4 Magnetic Parts Trays 1-4Repair and Replacement Procedures..1-4Hardware and Threaded Parts 1-4 Threadlocking Agents ..1-4 Wiring, Hoses and Lines 1-4Instruments and Gauges 1-4 Bearings .1-4 Bushings1-4 Gaskets ..1-4Lip Type Seals .1-4 O-Rings (Preformed Packings) 1-5 Gears..1-5 Shafts..1-5 Part Replacement ..1-5Exhaust System Leakage..1-5Cleaning..1-5Part Protection 1-5Cleaning Process..1-5 Rust or Corrosion Removal ..1-5 Bearings .1-5Tool Safety ..1-5Air Tools ..1-5Wrenches..1-5 Pliers/Cutters/Pry bars 1-5Hammers1-6 Punches/Chisels.1-6Screwdrivers .1-6 Ratchets and Handles.1-6 Sockets 1-6 Storage Units 1-61.3 FUEL AND OILFuel1-7Gasoline Blends: Buell Models .1-7 Engine Lubrication ..1-7Winter Lubrication ..1-81.4 MAINTENANCE SCHEDULEGeneral .1-91.5 BATTERY MAINTENANCE General ..1-11Battery Disconnection and Removal ..1-12 Cleaning and Inspection1-12 Charging Battery ..1-12Safety Precautions .1-12 Using a Battery Charger ..1-12Battery Installation and Connection .1-13 Storage ..1-141.6 ENGINE OIL AND FILTER General ..1-15Engine Oil Level Check .1-15 Change Engine Oil and Filter.1-15Drain Oil ..1-15Change Filter.1-16Fill Engine With Oil .1-16Clear Oil Cooler1-16 Return to Service 1-171.7 BRAKE SYSTEM MAINTENANCEGeneral ..1-18Bleeding Brakes 1-18Bleeding Front Brake .1-19 Bleeding Rear Brake .1-20Brake Pedal Adjustment 1-20 Brake Pad Thickness ..1-21Brake Rotor Thickness ..1-22 Brake Pad Replacement 1-22Front Pad Removal .1-22Front Pad Installation .1-22 Rear Pad Removal .1-23Rear Pad Installation .1-231.8 TIRES AND WHEELS Tire Inflation.1-25Tire Wear ..1-25Wheel Bearings .1-261.9 CLUTCH/TRANSMISSION/PRIMARY FLUIDInspection.1-27Transmission Fluid 1-27Adjustment..1-281.10 DRIVE BELT MAINTENANCE General ..1-30Inspection.1-30Rear Sprocket ..1-30Drive Belt .1-30 Idler Pulley ..1-30Cleaning1-301.11 PRIMARY CHAIN Inspection.1-33Adjustment..1-331.12 STEERING HEAD BEARINGSGeneral ..1-35Inspection.1-35 Determining Proper Resistance 1-351.13 SPARK PLUGS Inspection.1-361.14 AIR CLEANER AND EXHAUST SYSTEM Removal 1-38Cleaning and Inspection1-39 Installation1-39 Exhaust System Leak Check ..1-401.15 THROTTLE CABLE Throttle Cable Adjustment 1-41IIITABLE OF CONTENTS

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1.16 INTERACTIVE EXHAUST CABLE Adjustment..1-421.17 HEADLAMPHeadlamp Alignment..1-44Headlamp Adjustment: Firebolt .1-44Headlamp Adjustment: Lightning ..1-45Horizontal Alignment .1-45 Vertical Alignment ..1-45Headlamp Adjustment: Ulysses .1-45Horizontal Alignment .1-45 Vertical Alignment ..1-461.18 WINDSHIELD MAINTENANCE General ..1-471.19 STORAGE General ..1-48Removal From Storage ..1-481.20 TROUBLESHOOTING General ..1-49Engine1-49Starter Motor Does Not Operate or Does Not Turn Engine Over 1-49 Engine Turns Over But Does Not Start .1-49 Starts Hard .1-49Starts But Runs Irregularly or Misses 1-49Spark Plug Fouls Repeatedly 1-49 Pre-Ignition or Detonation (Knocks or Pings) 1-50 Overheating 1-50 Valve Train Noise .1-50 Excessive Vibration 1-50 Check Engine Light Illuminates During Operation ..1-50Lubrication System ..1-50Oil Does Not Return To Oil Tank ..1-50 Engine Uses Too Much Oil Or Smokes Excessively 1-50 Engine Leaks Oil From Cases, Push Rods, Hoses, Etc..1-50 Low Oil Pressure .1-50High Oil Pressure1-51Electrical System ..1-51Alternator Does Not Charge ..1-51 Alternator Charge Rate Is Below Normal 1-51 Speedometer Operates Erratically .1-51Transmission 1-51 Shifts Hard.1-51Jumps Out Of Gear 1-51 Clutch Slips1-51Clutch Drags Or Does Not Release ..1-51 Clutch Chatters.1-51Clutch.1-51Slips..1-51Drags or Does Not Release ..1-51Chatters1-51Chassis..1-51Irregular/Inadequate Brake Action ..1-51 Handling Irregularities ..1-51Suspension..1-52CHASSIS2.1 FASTENER TORQUE VALUES Fastener Torque Values in this Chapter 2-12.2 SPECIFICATIONS Firebolt..2-11Lightning2-12 Ulysses..2-13 Suspension Settings2-152.3 VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN)Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) .2-192.4 WHEELS General ..2-21Troubleshooting .2-212.5 FRONT WHEEL Removal 2-23Disassembly 2-23Bearing Removal .2-23Front Rotor Removal .2-25Cleaning and Inspection2-25 Assembly ..2-26Bearing Installation .2-26Front Rotor Installation .2-29Installation2-292.6 REAR WHEEL Removal 2-31Cleaning and Inspection2-31 Disassembly 2-31Assembly ..2-33 Installation2-332.7 TIRES General ..2-35Specifications.2-35 Removal 2-36 Cleaning and Inspection2-36 Installation2-36Checking Tire Lateral Runout 2-37 Checking Tire Radial Runout .2-37Adjustment..2-38Wheel Balancing.2-382.8 CHECKING CAST RIM RUNOUT General ..2-39Rim Lateral Runout 2-39Rim Radial Runout.2-392.9 FRONT BRAKE: EIGHT PISTON CALIPERFront Brake Hand Lever .2-40Master Cylinder/Reservoir: Removal ..2-40Master Cylinder/Reservoir: Repair ..2-41Disassembly ..2-41IVTABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS

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Cleaning and Inspection..2-41Assembly .2-42Master Cylinder/Reservoir: Installation ..2-43 Front Brake Fluid Line 2-44Removal ..2-44 Installation..2-45Caliper: Removal and Installation .2-45Removal ..2-45 Installation..2-46Caliper: Repair 2-46Disassembly ..2-46 Clean and Inspect..2-47 Assembly .2-472.10 FRONT BRAKE: SIX PISTON CALIPER Master Cylinder Reservoir Removal 2-48Master Cylinder and Hand Lever Disassembly ..2-49Brake Hand Lever 2-49 Front Master Cylinder 2-49Cleaning and Inspection2-49 Master Cylinder and Hand Lever Assembly 2-49Front Master Cylinder 2-49 Brake Hand Lever 2-50Master Cylinder Installation.2-50 Brake Line Removal 2-51 Brake Line Installation 2-52Brake Caliper Removal ..2-52Brake Caliper Disassembly .2-53Cleaning and Inspection2-53 Brake Caliper Assembly 2-54 Installation2-542.11 BRAKE PEDAL Removal 2-56Installation2-562.12 REAR BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERRemoval: Firebolt/Lightning .2-57Removal: Ulysses .2-58Disassembly 2-60Cleaning and Inspection2-60Assembly ..2-60 Installation: Firebolt/Lightning .2-61 Installation: Ulysses .2-612.13 REAR BRAKE LINERemoval: Firebolt ..2-63Installation: Firebolt .2-63Removal: Lightning ..2-64Installation: Lightning ..2-65Removal: Ulysses .2-65Installation: Ulysses .2-662.14 REAR BRAKE CALIPERRemoval 2-68Disassembly 2-68Cleaning and Inspection2-69 Assembly ..2-69 Installation2-692.15 FENDERSFront Fender: XB12R ..2-71Removal ..2-71Installation..2-71Rear Fender: XB12R ..2-71Removal ..2-71 Installation..2-71Front Fender: XB9SX/XB12Scg/XB12XT .2-71Removal ..2-71 Installation..2-71Rear Fender: XB9SX/XB12Scg .2-71Removal ..2-71 Installation..2-71Front Fender: XB12XP ..2-71Removal ..2-71 Installation..2-71Rear Fender: XB12Ss/XB12XT/XB12X .2-72Removal ..2-72 Installation..2-72Front Fender: XB12X ..2-72Removal Upper Front Fender 2-72 Removal Lower Front Fender 2-72Installing Upper Front Fender 2-72 Installing Lower Front Fender 2-722.16 FRONT FORKS: ALL MODELS Removal 2-73Disassembly 2-73Cleaning and Inspection2-77 Assembly ..2-77 Installation2-792.17 FORK CLAMPS: UPPER AND LOWER Removal Firebolt: .2-80Installation: Firebolt .2-80Removal: Lightning/Ulysses 2-81Installation: Lightning/Ulysses 2-812.18 STEERING HEAD BEARINGSRemoval 2-83Installation2-832.19 SWINGARM AND BRACE General ..2-86Brace ..2-86Removal ..2-86 Installation..2-86Removal: Swingarm .2-86Disassembly 2-87Swingarm 2-87Cleaning and Inspection2-87 Assembly ..2-88Swingarm 2-88Installation: Swingarm 2-882.20 FRONT AND REAR ISOLATORS Front Isolator ..2-90Removal ..2-90Installation..2-90Rear Isolator2-90TABLE OF CONTENTS VTABLE OF CONTENTS

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