She is az-Zahra (the Resplendent One), al-Batul (the Chaste. One), Part of the Messenger , whom Allah ﷻ distinguished with a tremendous station. She is the
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1 |one Nay, by my Lord and the honour of T aha , your father I laud naught save you Part of the Chosen One, and the part takes the ruling of the whole What pleases you, pleases him LL PRAISE IS FOR ALL AH . All Praise is fo r Allah who, in His pre – eternal will, chose some of His servants. He raised their degrees and conferred on them the status of proximity to Him in this lower realm and in the eternal abode, Glorified and Exalted is He. May the prayers and salutations of All ah be upon His Beloved, the Chosen and Elect One, and upon his pure Family and excellent Companions, and those who travel their path until the Day we meet our Patron, the Oft – Forgiving King. May Allah make us of those excellent ones whom He chooses, brings close and elects Transcendent and Exalted is He in His Sublimity. For some time I have thought incessantly about what I can give to my wife, and to my daughter, and to my sister, and indeed to all my Muslim sisters and the Muslim Ummah (Community) in its entirety, as a gift. I found that the best present I could give is reminding them of the life of the one whom Allah designated for mastery from among women, and whom He honoured with spiritual excellence and made a model for believing women and Musli m women until the Day of Judgment. A

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2 She is az – Zahra (the Resplendent One), al – Batul (the Chaste One), Part of the Messenger , whom Allah distinguished with a tremendous station. She is the mother of outstanding personalities. Whenever I read her biog raphy or heard about her, the more I came across something from her life, sorrow stirred in my heart and I felt a longing. So perhaps I paused [while reading or hearing] about an episode in her life, reflecting until tears overflowed, or until my heart bec ame still by what is related about her of great affairs, noble manners and guidance connected to the foundation of our religion and way that our Prophet was sent with. Concerning Fatimah the Resplendent, it is enough to mention whose daughter she is, whose wife she is and whose mother she is may Allah be pleased with her! Much has been – Miswar ibn Makhramah that the Messenger of Allah a part of me. Whoever angers her has angere Hawra named her Fatimah (the Weaned one) because Allah averted the Fire from her and from those who love her. rank was alluded to by her father in his – Allah – Hasan and al – Husayn are the masters of the youth of the people of Paradise, and Fatimah is the liege lady of that the Messenger of Allah be the liege lady of the women of the worl ds and the liege lady Prophet had never before visited me sought permission to visit me, and

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3 gave me glad – tidings and informed me that Fatima h is the liege lady of the women of my Ummah Allah the Exalted be upon her. When the Messenger of Allah a male was tasked with Prophethood and Messengership, Allah made the first to accept his Call a female, who was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid . Allah made following our Master Muhammad the source of all good and a means for obtaining His love, for He has said, If you love All ah, follow me; Allah (3:31) follow the Messenger of Allah in some affairs that are particular to women, in which or with which women cannot has sure ly ennobled women with a resemblance to the Prophet as his part resembles him. For he that is to say, she is a piece of him, and not separate from him. Therefore, if a Muslim woman imitates Fatimah, then she has truly im itated the essence of the Sunnah of the Chosen One, Muhammad , and attained by that a great reward. Our liege lady Fatimah was born in that great house, the house that was in Mecca, the house of the Trustworthy One, the house of the Truthful One. Her mother is Khadijah bint Khuwaylid , tremendous in affair, noble in character. Khadijah was the liege lady of Mecca in honour, dignity, chastity and rank. As for her father, who is he? Indeed, he is the one whom Quraysh knew as the Truthful one, the Trustw orthy one, the most promising of their youth; the best of them in beauty, manners, character and

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4 Kulthum. This is the house in which Fatimah the Resplendent was born. She was the last of Khad children. She was born five years before the declaration of the Prophetic Mission, during a great event as though Allah, the Exalted, wanted people not to forget her noble birth. She was born on the day the people of Me therefore there is a beautiful subtlety in that Allah, the Exalted, set the birth of Fatimah on the day that the building of the House was renewed because Fatimah is the mother of the People of the Prophetic House [ Ahl al – Bayt ]. So here is the House of Allah in the Sacred Precinct being built, and here is Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad , from whom will come the progeny of the Prophet and the People of the House of the Prophet, being born on the same day! So the House of Allah was renewed and manifested and the one who carried the People of the Prophetic House, peace and blessings upon him and them all, manifested as well. The Messenger of Allah was extremely joyful at her birth even though she was the fourth of his daughters. The Arabs detested daughters. In fact, if a daughter was born to one of them, his face would darken and he would hide himself from people in shame. Many of them, due to merciless hearts, would even bury their daughters alive. Here is the Prophet in the midst of this atmosphere of ignorance the fourth daughter was born to him and he was overjoyed by her and said to Khadijah, he carried Fatimah and kissed her. Kha dijah was incredibly delighted by her baby and loved her immensely. When she was born, Khadijah gazed at Fatimah and lo, she resembled the Messenger of Allah more than anyone else. Khadijah took this close resemblance to the Messenger of

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6 and more splendid. Allah distinguished her with providence from her father, peace and blessings upon him and upon his Family and Companions. He would allude to many of her merits, even in his choosing of her name. Many said that the Most Exalted inspired the Messenger of Allah to name her that the Prophet

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7 |two Our Lady Fatimah heart her too, so much that each time Khadijah gave birth, she would send her newborn as was the custom of Qurays h to a wet – nurse, except for Fatimah. Khadijah breastfed her herself due to what she witnessed of her love and her resemblance to the Messenger of Allah and because she was the last of her dependents and the smallest. So Fatimah was fortunate likewise to receive special providence and care. Our Lady Fatimah is also known as az – Zahra . It is said this is because she was brilliant in complexion. That is to say she was of radiant complexion tinged with redness. And it is said she is called az – Zahra becaus e she shines for the people of the Celestial Realm just as the stars shine for the people of the Earth. She is also called al – Batul because she was devoted to worship. Or it is said because she was unmatched, such that no woman comes close to her in honour , station, rank or nobility. She had many other names as well, including as – Siddiqah (the veraciously truthful), al – Mubarakah (the blessed one), at – Tahirah (the pure one), az – Zakiyyah (the flawless), ar – Radiyah (the well – pleased with Allah), al – Mardiyah (t he pleasing to Allah). Lady Fatimah was also called Umm Abiha (the Mother of her Father). Why is that? It is said that after Lady Khadijah passed away, Lady Fatimah , from her childhood, took care of the Prophet , tended to his needs and served him day and night until his last days. [ And Fatimah still looks after the affairs of her father o she was named the Mother of her Father, and that suffices her as an honour and rank, upon her be the Good Pleasure of Allah .

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8 Of all people, Lady Fatimah most closely resembled the Messenger of Allah Messenger of Allah in manner or conduct, in standing and sitting, than Fatimah Daughter of the Messenger of Allah. If she came to see the Messenger of Allah, he would stand for her and kiss her and make her sit in his seat. And if the Prophet came to see her, she would rise from her seat and kiss him and make him sit in Anas ibn Malik Messenger of Allah than al – never saw anyone more similar in speech and conversation to the M essenger of Allah So Lady Fatimah is the most beautiful of people in form because she most closely resembles the most beautiful of them, peace and blessings upon him and upon his Family and Companions! She had a unique station wi th her father, as he frequently to the Messenger of Allah he d istresses me, and what brings her joy brings me joy. Verily every lineage will be severed on the Day of Judgment except my Family and Companions!

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9 And how much has been narrated of her merits and of her , as we will see when we discuss her character and what is related of her. May the Good Pleasure of Allah be upon her! The days passed and the Messenger of Allah would pray inside his house and teach Khadijah, and the young girls would learn. Fatimah would learn in her tender age nobleness of character and worship and turning to Allah and remembrance of Him and the meaning of conduct with the Lord, Majestic is His Supreme Greatness and Exalted is He in His Incomparable Majesty. She would ascend in these meanings from an early age. W hen she was seven years old, Allah commanded His Beloved, openly what you are commanded, and turn away from those who join false gods with Allah commanded him to warn his close relatives, (26:214) So the Prophet rose to manifes t this Call. And when he did so, there was for Fatimah in her tender young age an Quraysh! Purchase your selves from Allah! I cannot avert from – Muttalib! I c annot – Muttalib! I cannot avert from you anything from Allah. O Safiyyah paternal aunt of the Messenger of Allah! I cannot avert from you anything from Allah. O Fatimah daughter of Muhammad! Ask me wh at you want, I cannot avert from you

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