Besides explaining the terms and requirements for certification, MPPHM also contains information about application procedures for halal certification, certification

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Foreword Director General Department of Islamic Development MalaysiaAssalamualaikum w.b.t and best regards, Alhamdulillah we express our greatest gratitude to Allah S.W.T for His Blessing and Guidance that this Manual Procedure for published successfully. with some changes especially on the re-categorization of the SME, which was announced by the Prime Minister. The main objective of this review is to enhance the Malaysia™s Halal review is the emphasis given on the strengthening of the company™s internal halal management system by standardizing aspects of internal halal systems control. In addition, emphasis was also given to the aspects of improving the individuals™ competence who are involved in the monitoring of halal aspect in the company through ongoing training. Through these, it is expected that the MPPHM 2014 was developed with involvement of all stakeholders especially JAKIM and JAIN which are the most competent authority in Malaysia for the stakeholders were also sought especially through existing forums such as the comprises of the industries and consumer associations, as well as, other related agencies.I hope that the publication of MPPHM 2014 is able to strengthen the halal by JAKIM and JAIN. Kata -kata Aluan Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan selamat sejahtera lhamdulillah setinggi -tinggi kesyukuran kita panjatkan ke hadrat Allah s.w.t kerana dengan izin dan petunjuk Nya Manual Prosedur Pensijilan Halal Malaysia (Semakan Ketiga) 2014 (MPPHM 2014) dapat diterbitkan dengan jayanya. Semaka n semula yang dilakukan ke atas MPPHM 2014 adalah tindakan yang wajar dan tepat untuk disesuaikan dengan beberapa perubahan yang berla ku terutamanya pembahagian semula kategori SME sebagaimana yang telah diumumkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri. Matlamat utama semakan ini dibuat ialah untuk memantapkan sistem Pensijilan Halal Malaysia , melalui penambah baikan terhadap keperluan dan prosedur Pens ijilan Halal Malaysia . Di a ntara penambahbaika n yang di laksanakan dalam semakan kali ini ialah penekan an yang diberikan kepada aspek pemantapan sistem pengurusan halal dalaman syarikat dengan menetapkan aspek sistem kawalan halal dalaman . Selain itu, penekanan juga diberikan terhadap aspek peningkatan kompetensi individu -individu yang terlibat dalam pemantauan halal secara dalaman di syarikat melalui penetapan latihan yang berterusan. Melalui penekanan yang diberikan terhadap dua aspek in i diharap sistem pengurusan halal Malaysia akan lebih mantap. MPPHM 2014 ini dibangunkan dengan penglibatan semua pihak yang berkepentingan terutama nya Jabatan -jabatan Agama Islam Negeri (JAIN) yang bersama JAKIM selaku pihak berkuasa berwibawa bagi pengeluaran sijil pengesahan halal di Malaysia . Selain itu, pandangan dan nasihat dari pada pihak -pihak lain yang berkepe ntingan juga diperolehi khususnya melalui forum sedia ada seperti Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Penasihat Pens ijilan Halal Malaysia yang dianggotai oleh persatuan industr i dan juga persatuan pengguna sel ain bebe rapa agensi yang berkaitan. Saya berharap dengan pe nerbitan MPPHM 2014 dapat memantapkan lagi sistem Pens ijilan Halal Malaysia sekaligus dapat membantu industri memahami dengan A buku 2 jakim (bi)- x align.indd 511/21/15 12:48 PM

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8 of SME industry released by the government through SME Corp. For for SME industry. DATE OF ENFORCEMENT 7. This circular is effective on 15 December 2014. 2011will be null and void. (DATO™ HJ OTHMAN BIN MUSTAPHA) Director General Department of Islamic Development Malaysia PUTRAJAYA 8 December 20148buku 2 jakim (bi)- x align.indd 811/21/15 12:48 PM

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9MANUAL PROCEDURE FOR MALAYSIA HALAL CERTIFICATION (THIRD REVISION) 2014 1. SCOPE with the aim to clarify requirements to be complied with, in managing the 1.2 This manual must be read together with standards, Fatwa decisions and related regulations which are in force, in managing the Malaysia Halal 9buku 2 jakim (bi)- x align.indd 911/21/15 12:48 PM

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102. DEFINITION 2.1 The Competent Authority The Competent Authority refers to JAKIM, MAIN/ JAIN or whichever is relevant. enforce trade description fiHalalfl. 2.3 Halal 2.3.1 Halal originates from the Arabic word namely halla, yahillu, hillan, wahalalan which means allowed or permissible by the Shariah law. i. When food or goods are described as halal or are described in any other expression to indicate that the food or goods can be consumed or used by a Muslim, such expression means that the food or goods are:a. neither is nor consist of or contains any part or matter of an animal that is prohibited by Shariah law for a Muslim to consume or that has not been slaughtered in accordance with Shariah law and Fatwa; 10buku 2 jakim (bi)- x align.indd 1011/21/15 12:48 PM

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11b. does not contain anything which is impure/ najs according to Shariah law and Fatwa; c. does not intoxicate according to Shariah law and Fatwa; d. does not contain any part of a human being or its yield which are not allowed by Shariah law and Fatwa; e. is not poisonous or hazardous to health;f. has not been prepared, processed or manufactured using any instrument that is contaminated with najs according g. has not in the course of preparing, processing or storage been in contact with , mixed, or in close proximity to ii. When services in relation to the food or goods are described in any other expression to indicate that the services can be used by a Muslim, such expression means that the services in relation to the food or goods are carried out in accordance with Shariah law. 2.4 Najs2.4.1 Najs literally means impurity such as blood, urine and faeces. 2.4.3 Najs is divided into three types: i. Muhghallazah descendents or birth from either one of them; ii. Mutawassitah above two, such as blood, pus, faeces and etc; and iii. Mukhaffafah solely on breastfeeding and has not reached the age of two years old.11buku 2 jakim (bi)- x align.indd 1111/21/15 12:48 PM

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