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Chairman™s Message 5CEO™s Report 6-7 Board of Directors 8-9Performance Highlights 10-11 Covid-19 12-35 – Board Message 12- Our Response 13-17 – Supporting Community 18- Delivery Expert response 19- Case Studies 20-25 – Timeline of Events 26-33 – How Zero Contact works 35 Project 3TEN 36-37 Our Purpose 38-39 Our Values 40-41 Corporate Responsibility 42-57 – Introduction 43 – Our Environment 44-47 – Our Community 48-49 – Our Food 50-51 – Our Customers 52 – Our People 53-55 – Looking Forward 56-57 Australia & New Zealand 58-67 – CEO™s Report 58- Highlights & Achievements 59- Year in Review 60- Food Innovation 61- Digital Innovation 62- Operational Excellence 62- Australian Franchisee Spotlight 64-65 – NZ Franchisee Spotlight 66-67 Japan 68-73 – CEO™s Report 68- Highlights & Achievements 69- Year in Review 70 – Food Innovation 71 – Digital Innovation 71 – Operational Excellence 71 – Japan Franchisee Spotlight 72-73 Europe 74-92 – CEO™s Report 74 – Highlights & Achievements 75 – Former CEO Farewell 76 – Year in Review 77France 78-81 – Food Innovation 78 – Digital Innovation 78 – Operational Excellence 79- French Franchisee Spotlight 80-81 Benelux 82-87 – Food Innovation 82- Digital Innovation 82- Operational Excellence 83- Benelux Commissary 84-85 – Netherlands Franchisee Spotlight 86-87 Germany 88-91 – Food Innovation 88- Digital Innovation 89- Operational Excellence 89- German Franchisee Spotlight 90-91 Denmark 92- Overview 92 Directors™ Report 93CONTENTS 2020 ANNUAL REPORT DOMINO™S PIZZA ENTERPRISES LIMITED. // 03

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2020 ANNUAL REPORT DOMINO™S PIZZA ENTERPRISES LIMITED. // 05 This year has been the most extraordinary time of change that I have experienced in ˜ve decades in this industry. For the ˜rst six months of this year, the Board and Management were pleased with Domino™s Pizza Enterprises Ltd™s (Domino™s) performance; the company was delivering on its strategy, with an operational performance in line with expectations. Soon after releasing our Half Year report, the world changed for Domino™s and the communities we serve. While Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) required many businesses to close for an undetermined period and to rethink their business model and strategy, Domino™s has been privileged to be able to continue to serve our customers, albeit with two temporary closures (New Zealand and France). The Company™s strategy Œ of delivering safe, affordable, high-quality meals Œ remains unchanged. Ensuring business stability throughout a time of uncertainty and rapid change was made possible by the people and safety focus of management, and the efforts of tens of thousands across the Domino™s network Œ franchisees, team members and of˜ce staff in nine countries. Domino™s Pizza Enterprises Ltd was fortunate to be part of a greater Domino™s family during this time, sharing their experiences and improvements, for the safety and bene˜t of all. On behalf of the Board, I thank all of those involved for their hard work and commitment and commend Management for their leadership. It is this hard work, commitment and leadership that has ensured this is still a record year for Domino™s; for group sales, earnings, and returns to shareholders. A prudent approach to growth and investment has delivered an underlying return on equity of 40.8%, with a three-year average return on equity of 41%. It is also a record year for charitable giving, for group- wide recruitment initiatives, and for community support. This year has demonstrated that it truly is possible for us collectively, to do good, and to do well. I am pleased to report the investment community has supported our strategy, and results, with Domino™s Pizza Enterprises Ltd delivering total shareholder returns of 83.79% this Financial Year, ranking 2nd in the ASX100. Stability is possible while still delivering progress, and the board itself has demonstrated this with a renewal process that culminated in its expansion by one member this year. The board is both independent and representative, with members bringing a mix of quali˜cations, experience, and geographies to their roles. Domino™s also committed to having 30% female directors. With our newest member Doreen Huber, a resident of Germany, serving alongside Lynda O™Grady and Uschi Schreiber, the board now has 50% female representation and a wealth of experience from diverse professional and geographic backgrounds. We look forward to continuing to represent our shareholders, con˜dent of the signi˜cant opportunities that are still ahead for us. JACK COWIN CHAIRMAN

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06 // 2020 ANNUAL REPORT DOMINO™S PIZZA ENTERPRISES LIMITED. At our Annual General Meeting in October 2019, I explained the Purpose and Values of Domino™s Pizza Enterprises Ltd. Our Purpose is the summary of why we do what we do: fiOur pizza brings people closer.fl In a year of social distancing and societal restrictions, our pizza brought together our franchisees and team members Œ united in a single focus on safely delivering high-quality meals, at an affordable price, serving our customers, and wider communities. Our Purpose was tested in unexpected ways this year. I am pleased to report it has been key to us navigating through this pandemic. fiOur pizza brings people closerfl is also the theme of this year™s Annual Report. Our Group performance this year can best be assessed ‚Before COVID-19™ and ‚During COVID-19™. Before COVID-19, Domino™s reported H1 global food sales increased 10.6% (4.1% on a Same Store Sales basis) with particularly strong sales and pro˜tability growth in Europe, offsetting short-term domestic headwinds, including operating a higher than historic number of corporate stores in Australia. During COVID-19, societal restrictions affected our customers™ lives, and their ordering behaviours. In March, Domino™s stores closed temporarily in France, then in New Zealand. Our regional CEOs and leaders provide more detail of our response in this report: all of those involved can be proud of their people-˜rst approaches. Throughout, our performance has bene˜ted from our prudent, long-term investments in ful˜lling every stage of our customers™ orders; Domino™s has been able to minimise the ˜nancial impact of COVID-19. The total estimated negative impact on EBITDA was $8.2 million. This comprised $14.1m in additional costs to support our store network, which was partially offset by increased EBITDA from royalty and other revenue of $2.7m and $3.2m in government assistance in the form of wages support and pay- roll tax relief, which successfully prevented widespread furloughs. For the full year, global food sales increased +12.8%, +5.8% on a Same Stores Sales basis. Online sales (+21.4% to $2.357 billion Œ 72% of total sales) underpinned this performance, with customers accelerating their preference to order, and pay, online. Underlying EBIT of $228.7 million, increased +3.6%. We maintained a strong balance sheet and cash˚ow position throughout, expanding our network with 163 new stores. These ˜gures, however, were not the most important measure of our performance this year. In FY20, we employed more than 65,000 team members, advertised for more than 13,000 team members, purchased more than 15.5 million items of PPE and other safety equipment, and donated more than 200,000 free pizzas for those most affected by COVID-19. These are arguably some of the most important investments I have been involved with in more than 30 years in this business. DON MEIJGROUP CEO & MANAGING DIRECTOR

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DOMINO™S PIZZA ENTERPRISES LIMITED BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ross Adler AC NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (FORMER CHAIRMAN)APPOINTED: MARCH 2005Jack Cowin CHAIRMANAPPOINTED: MARCH 2014Don MeijGROUP CEO & MANAGING DIRECTOR APPOINTED: AUGUST 2001 BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Professional Background: More than ˜ve decades experience in the quick service restaurant industry. Founder and Executive Chairman of Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd, the owner and operator of more than 350 Hungry Jack™s restaurants in Australia and several food manufacturing plants. Other boards: Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd, v2 Foods, Apache Industrial Service (USA). Former directorships: Fairfax Media Limited, Ten Network Holdings, Chandler Macleod Group. Quali˜cations: Bachelor of Arts Œ University of Western Ontario, Canada; Doctor of Laws, honoris causa Œ University of Western Ontario, Canada. Grant Bourke NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPOINTED: AUGUST 2001 BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: FY20: Chair of the Audit Committee, Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. FY21: Member of the Audit Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Professional Background: Extensive experience as an executive and board member, recognised for his signi˜cant contribution to education and the arts. Previously the CEO of oil and gas producer Santos Ltd (1984-2000) and Chairman of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) (2001-2006). Recipient of the Centenary Medal (2001) for outstanding service to Australia™s international trade. Other boards : Executive Chairman of Amtrade International Pty Ltd. Former directorships: Santos Ltd, Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd, Telstra Ltd, Port Adelaide Maritime Corporation, Adelaide Festival, The Art Gallery of South Australia, State Theatre Company, Grand Prix Corporation, Deputy Chancellor of the University of Adelaide. Quali˜cations: Bachelor of Commerce Œ Melbourne University; MBA Œ Columbia University, United States of America. BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: Professional Background: Award-winning multi-unit franchisee and internationally recognised pizza executive. Mr Meij started as a delivery driver in 1987 and held various management positions with Silvio™s Dial-a-Pizza and Domino™s Pizza until 1996. Mr Meij then became a Domino™s Pizza franchisee, owning and operating 17 stores before selling them to Domino™s Pizza in 2001. Multiple-award winner, including Chairman™s Award for outstanding leadership and Ernst & Young Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2018, under Don™s leadership, Domino™s was inducted into Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame. Group CEO & Managing Director since 2002, leading the Company to become Australia™s ˜rst publicly-listed pizza chain on the ASX (2005). In 2017, Don celebrated 30 years with Domino™s. Other boards: Not applicable. BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: FY20: Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Member of the Audit Committee. FY21: Chair of the Audit Committee, Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Professional Background: Experienced food industry executive with extensive experience as an award-winning Domino™s franchisee and executive. Prior to joining Domino™s Mr Bourke was an international executive with Masterfoods (Mars Inc.). He was awarded Domino™s Golden Franchisee award (1995), Franchisee of the Year (1997 and 1998), Golden Eagle winner (1999) for his contribution to the Company and global Chairman™s Award winner for outstanding leadership. Former Director of Corporate Store Operations, Managing Director Europe, and Non-Executive Director since 2007. Other boards: Not applicable.Former directorships: Paci˜c Smiles Group Ltd. Quali˜cations: Bachelor of Science (Food Technology) Œ University of New South Wales; MBA Œ the University of Newcastle.

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2020 ANNUAL REPORT DOMINO™S PIZZA ENTERPRISES LIMITED. // 09 Lynda O™Grady NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPOINTED: APRIL 2015Uschi Schreiber AM NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPOINTED: NOVEMBER 2018 Doreen Huber NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPOINTED: FEBRUARY 2020 BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: FY20: Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. FY21: Member of the Audit Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Professional Background: Extensive career with senior executive experience in IT, telecommunications and media organisations. Former Executive Director and Chief of Product of Telstra, Commercial Director of Australian Consolidated Press, the publishing division of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, and General Manager of Alcatel Australia. Other boards: Non-Executive Director AVANT Mutual Ltd, Non-Executive Director Wagners Ltd, Member of the Advisory Board of Jamieson Coote Bonds, and Council of Southern Cross University and Director of Musica Viva. Former directorships: Council of Bond University, Boards of the Aged Care Financing Authority (Chair), National Electronic Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), Screen Queensland and TAB Queensland, and the IT&T Board of Advisors to the New South Wales Treasurer. Quali˜cations: Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Œ University of Queensland, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: FY20: Member of the Audit Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee. FY21: Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Member of the Audit Committee. Professional Background: Experienced global strategy and operations executive in the private and public sectors, including in countries in which the Company is expanding its operations. EY Fellow, Digital Society and Innovation; former EY Chair, Global Accounts Committee, Global Vice Chair, Markets and member of the EY Global Executive Management Board. Former Director-General, Queensland Health, Deputy Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Cabinet Secretary, Queensland Government. Consultant, executive coach and diversity advocate, founder of Innovation Realized, an annual, global CEO forum on emerging technology issues and creator of the Worldwide Women Public Sector Leaders™ Network. Quali˜cations: Master of Arts Œ Grif˜th University; Australia, Graduate Certi˜cate in Management Œ University of Western Sydney, Australia; Bachelor of Social Work and Special Education Œ University of Braunschweig/ Wolfenbüttel, Germany. BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee. Professional Background: Respected business entrepreneur and food technology expert. Founder and former CEO of business catering aggregator Lemoncat (acquired by B2B Food Group). Former Chief Operations Of˜cer and part of the founding team of Delivery Hero, the largest global food ordering aggregator (outside of China). Experienced angel investor, and former partner and investor in Springstar, which supported US-based internet companies with their global roll-out, including Airbnb and furnishing platform Houzz, which are both multi-billion dollar companies. Other boards: Bundesverband Deutsche Startups (German Start-ups Association). Former directorships: Lemoncat (Germany), Delivery Hero. Quali˜cations: Magister Artium / Master of Arts (Literature, Art and Media) Œ Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany.

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