With Hitachi, you get a wheeled excavator that rolls with the punches. from a wide variety of boom, blade, bucket and outrigger options. The ZX190W-6.

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At Hitachi, we don™t get sidetracked building every kind of construction equipment. Instead, we build excavators. So you get efficient, reliable and durable machines you can count on.Mobile and maneuverable, the new ZX190W-6 is ready to roll on all kinds of jobs, from clearing ditches and repairing sewers or potholes to loading trucks. This wheeled workhorse comes equipped with a fuel-efficient Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU stage IV Isuzu engine Œ no diesel particulate filter (DPF) required. A redesigned counterweight enhances visibility and features like the HIOS IV half-lever control for fuel consumption contribute to efficiency. Plus, trailer-free travel makes transportation to your next job easy. With Hitachi, you get a wheeled excavator that rolls with the punches AND OUTLASTS THEM. BY NOT BUILDING EVERYTHING, WE COMPROMISE ON NOTHING. EXCAVATOR FOCUSED. NO DISTRACTIONS. 2

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4Switching between three work modes is effortless with the push of a button. The power dig function gives you an extra dose of hydraulic pressure to muscle through tough jobs. The refined parallelogram blade better handles backfill and cleanup duties, while serving as a third stabilizer during digging. 4

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ROLL OVER TOUGH JOBS. Work where others can™t with the easy-to-maneuver ZX190W-6. Its HIOS IV hydraulic system perfectly balances engine performance with hydraulic flow. This wheeled excavator provides fuel-efficient performance with three work modes. Economy (ECO) maximizes fuel efficiency while delivering an enhanced level of productivity. Power (PWR) delivers a balance of power and speed, plus fuel economy for normal operation. High Productivity (H/P) delivers more power and faster hydraulic response. Have a need for speed? The pavement-friendly ZX190W-6 cruises around at speeds up to 35 km/h (21.7 mph). Need extra stability or lift capacity? Choose from a wide variety of boom, blade, bucket and outrigger options. The ZX190W-6 is built toWORK ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. LESS EFFORT, MORE PERFORMANCE. A redesigned counterweight with LED lights and rearview camera enhance jobsite visibility. A standard, larger blade cylinder cover better protects the blade lift cylinder. Our HIOS IV half-lever technology contributes to fuel efficiency by delivering on- demand performance and the right amount of pump flow when metering pilot controls.5

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The ZX190W-6 keeps operators comfortable and focused on the job. Silicone-filled cab mounts provide isolation from noise and vibration. A refined, multifunction LCD monitor features a rotary control for easy access to performance and convenience functions and features. Operators will also appreciate the wide entryway, fully adjustable high- back sculpted seat, storage space and generous legroom. Unsurpassed visibility, ergonomically placed low-effort joysticks and a highly efficient HVAC system, plus other features keep operators COMFORTABLE CABS MAKE FOR PRODUCTIVE OPERATORS. COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT. FOCUSED ON PRODUCTIVITY. 7Multi-language LCD monitor and rotary dial provide easy access to machine info and functions. Turn and tap to select work modes, monitor maintenance intervals, check diagnostic codes and set cab temperature. Control oil flow and toggle between dig and thumb modes with a programmable thumb attachment mode. Pushbuttons in the right lever allow control of auxiliary hydraulic flow for attachments. Optional sliding switch provides proportional speed control, giving you full command from your fingertips. The Forward-Neutral-Reverse (F-N-R) switch is conveniently located on the left pilot lever. Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot levers provide smooth, precise control with less effort. The durable cab meets the ISO standard for rollover protective structure (ROPS) certification. 6

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Auto-idle, which reduces engine speed when hydraulics aren™t in use, and auto-shutdown contribute to fuel efficiency. A battery disconnect switch, located in the rear door behind the cab, is easily accessible and extends battery life. Convenient upperstructure handrails and a larger hood provide easy access to the engine. 8Ground level inspections are simple with easy access to the washer tank, air cleaner, DEF tank and battery disconnect switch. 8

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LOWER OPERATING COSTS. Maintenance is minimized with the ZX190W-6 Š from grouped service points to at-a-glance gauges. No diesel particulate filter (DPF) is needed with the FT4 engine solution. Convenient upperstructure handrails provide easy engine access. Extended service intervals help maximize uptime. Scheduled maintenance is easy to track using ZXLinkŽ and the in-cab diagnostic monitor. This wheeled workhorse is ready to SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE. MORE UPTIME.GET MORE WORK DONE. Easy-to-navigate LCD monitor tracks various fluid levels and issues scheduled maintenance alerts and diagnostic information. Centrally located engine oil filter, pilot and steering filters, and fuel filters allow for quick and easy servicing. The FT4 engine solution does not require a DPF, saving service time and lowering operating costs. 9

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DURABILITY YOU CAN DEPEND ON. The ZX190W-6 isn™t intimidated by tough jobs or uneven terrain. It™s protected by a heavy-duty undercarriage and durable D-channel side frames. Added strength comes from welded bulkheads within the boom that resist torsional stress, tungsten-carbide thermal-coated arm surfaces and oil-impregnated bushings. Confidently roll up to any jobsite with this excavator™s specially designed dual Bridgestone® tires.Plus, the boom, arm and mainframe are so tough, they™re warranted for three years or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first. Add it all up, and the ZX190W-6 is designed toROLL OVER THE COMPETITION. BUILT-IN TOUGHNESS. The short wheelbase of the ZX190W-6 is the perfect fit for tight quarters. Dual Bridgestone tires come with a spacer ring to help keep out dirt and debris. Sound absorption pads mounted on the rear pump compartment are more durable and maintenance-free. Oil-impregnated bushings enhance durability and extend lube intervals to 500 hours for the arm-and-boom joint and 100 hours for the bucket joint. Reinforced D-channel side frames provide maximum cab and component impact protection.Tungsten-carbide-coated wear surfaces protect the critical bucket-to-arm joint. Reinforced resin thrust plates and an exclusive double-seal swing bearing deliver rock-solid durability. 1010

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