We import the 100% pure Halal beef from the «Australian Food. Corporation» in Australia, while the Halal chicken meat is supplied by the Brazilian «JBS Foods»

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Being the biggest beef importer in the Middle East, it is crucial to us that every step of the import process is done with perfection. This begins with choosing the best beef providers and maintaining specific deals with them to ensure that our customers get the premium quality they deserve. And while such premium quality is very essential to our customers, McDonald™s Saudi imports beef from the best approved sources around the world, and makes sure that these sources provide us with first-rate, halal, pure beef. This means that the cattle must only be on a natural, vegetarian diet, with no hormones. In addition to that, the cattle should be given scheduled rotational veterinary check-ups until they are slaughtered with full adherence to the Islamic method. All McDonald™s suppliers and their facilities around the world undergo periodic inspections by a team of food safety inspectors, in addition to other independent local authorities to ensure that all of our suppliers adhere to the highest levels of food safety standards, and that the meat is thoroughly tested at all times. McDonald™s work closely with a number of independent Islamic inspection authorities, and relies on them for direct supervision and monitoring to guarantee that the slaughtering process abides to the Islamic method. The meats are then immediately reinspected as soon as they are in the Kingdom, and marked as approved halal products. McDonald™s always makes sure that the approved halal slaughterhouses certificates for halal products are exhibited at every branch as well as on the website.We are committed to providing first-rate quality through carrying out a high level of standards on everything done by our approved importers and slaughterhouses, which sometimes exceeds the regular GCC standards. We also operate under a special system that guarantees the natural goodness of the foods and food safety, as well as detecting any point of risk that may present itself along the process of delivering meat from the farms to our restaurants, where it is stored in special refrigerating units with a temperature of 18, or less, below zero. 32

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McDonald™s never uses machine-deboned chicken All McDonald™s chicken products are manually deboned Halal chicken breasts. All the chicken meat used at McDonald™s is obtained from suppliers which conform to high-quality standards and specifications that exceed local and international standards and can be 100 % traced back to the source. All the chicken used at McDonald™s are fed with natural Halal vegetal feedstock conforming to McDonald™s criteria. All McDonald™s fried products are prepared using nonhydrogenated vegetable oil. 54

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In adherence to Halal procedures at all stages, McDonald™s applies strict measures on the level of suppliers and slaughterhouses, whereby: ŁAll cows and poultry are vegetal feed only. ŁHand slaughtering is the only adopted method; mechanical slaughtering is prohibited. ŁAll slaughter men are Muslims, known by the Muslim community for their good character and work under supervision of a Muslim supervisor. ŁThe name of fiAllahfl is pronounced over animals prior to slaughtering and knives are kept sharp at all times to avoid any torture.To see McDonald’s Halal Certificates, please visit our website www.McDonaldsArabia.com To qualify as a McDonald™s supplier, they must fully meet global official benchmarks as well as McDonald™s internal food safety standards, product specification and farm biosecurity policies. In addition, they need to adhere to social responsibility policies on aspects concerning animal welfare, animal feeding, prohibition of deforestation and use of antibiotics as growth promoters and above all, to the highest Halal procedures in all of their business. 3976

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At McDonald™s, we guarantee high standards in all our procedures. Our food preparation procedures ensure the safety and quality of our products and guarantee that our high standards are not compromised. Quality values drive every decision made at McDonald™s which is why we enforce stringent food safety standards and regulations, and work with the world™s top experts to maintain our high food safety standards. Our proactive and progressive approach to food safety practices exhibits our examplary dedication to safety management. We are committed to serving you the very best, and to never compromise on food quality. All our beef sandwiches are made from 100 % pure Halal beef cuts, and all our chicken sandwiches and McNuggets are made from 100 % pure Halal chicken from manually deboned chicken breast meat with no additives or preservatives. All our beef is grilled to perfection on a double sided hotplate and we make sure that the specified temperature is maintained during the whole beef-grilling process to ensure safety while guaranteeing juicy tasty patties. Why do we make quality such a priority? Because we do not believe in taking shortcuts, and we are dedicated to delivering the very best. More importantly, our ‚Hamburger University™ trains our employees to execute consistent restaurant operations procedures, service, quality and cleanliness. ˜˚˚ł˛ 98

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In addition to carefully selecting suppliers, McDonald™s applies the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) program to ensure food safety. HACCP is used to identify the potential points of hazard on the production lines at our suppliers™ factories and all the way through the supply process, as well as to put in place systems to prevent and eliminate such hazards. We only work with farmers and food distributors who meet our strict social, environmental and animal welfare standards. These suppliers have longstanding relationships with McDonald™s, working hard to continuously implement our food safety and quality standards. They are also subject to third party due diligence through audits by companies specialized in food safety. McDonald™s also works with the world™s top experts to maintain and continuously update its procedures. McDonald™s welcomes you behind the counter to learn more about our food quality and preparation. We open our doors and our kitchens for you to take a close look at the quality standards of our products and procedures. This ‚Open Door Tour™ gives you a chance to learn about our commitment to the high quality, safety and cleanliness measures that are implemented while preparing your food. Ł Potatoes We are distinguished by our golden standard, i.e. using the Russet Burbank potatoes without any additives or preservatives and we are proud to provide you with the best varieties at competitive prices. What enabled us to do so was our large global purchasing power, which made us capable of obtaining the finest varieties at the best prices. Each potato is thoroughly checked and tested before it™s cut and sent frozen to our restaurants, in order to be fried using a mixture of 100 %high-quality vegetable oils at a specific temperature, and we only add a little salt after frying. Vegetable Oil McDonald’s has spent about 50 million Dollars on research to find a combination of oils in line with the customers™ nutritional requirements, which is a mixture of the canola and sunflower oils. We filter the oil in the pan on a daily basis to maintain its quality and then add the new oil to the pan throughout the day. The oil™s quality is measured frequently on a daily basis using devices identical to those used by the regulatory and health authorities in the Kingdom, and the oil is changed accordingly. Lettuce At McDonald’s, we use high-quality lettuce, which arrives fresh, clean and chopped in sealed bags from our local supplier, the fiDel Montefl Company; a prestigious global company in this field, which adheres to McDonald’s standards in terms of quality and vegetables safety. We use fresh high quality vegetables in all our salads. Our suppliers are dedicated to providing us with top quality products that are continuously monitored for freshness and safety. As such, we only pick fresh vegetables from trusted suppliers and we make sure they are cleaned in pure water and purged soap, resulting in the best standard of cleanliness. This ensures only the very best add-ons for our burgers: succulent tomato slices, fresh crispy lettuce, zesty dill pickles from the best cucumbers along with savory onions. Products at McDonald™s is farm-fresh and we use regional suppliers to ensure that freshness and high quality are delivered to you in all our salads. 1110

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˛˛We™ve always believed in having the highest standard of food and service quality, and this shows in our continuous effort towards being transparent about our nutritional information, making sure it is conveniently available to our customers wherever they looked, from our website and traymats to our packaging. McDonald™s has always been committed to offering the best menu that fits a balanced lifestyle. McDonald™s is also keen on supporting young athletes locally and globally, through its participation in the Global Advisory Council, the Olympic Committee and the World Cup, in addition to organizing many activities locally, such as: the McDonald’s Mawahib Football Talents Program with a budget exceeding 4 million Riyals per year, local family festivals and a large number of similar activities. At McDonald™s, a balanced and active lifestyle is first reflected in a wide and rich menu tailored to the needs and tastes of each customer. This includes McDonald™s preferred meals, fresh salads and fresh fruit slices. Let it be noted that the nutritional information of all meals can be found on our website and our meal packages. 20022005 20082012 2013 2017 Communicated nutritional information on fliers and traymats inside our restaurants Reviewed nutritional information for all items (conducted every few years) Communicated nutritional information on our website – Introduced the Nutritional Calculator on our website – Communicated nutritional information on our mobile website – Introduced nutritional information on our mobile app- Introduced nutritional information on our packaging We will update all the information on the nutritional value of our food. 1514

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The Ajyalona initiative acts as an umbrella for all our efforts in the area of social responsibility and reflects our commitment to all related parties. Under this umbrella, we continue to make every effort possible to preserve the health of the community, support education, contribute to public awareness, employment, and the preservation of the environment. Ajyalona is a fruit of McDonald’s Saudi Arabia™s efforts in the field of social responsibility, and we hope God Almighty will guide us in the completion of this process that made us a leading example in serving the nation. The initiative focuses on three main principles: 1. Corporate Philanthropy. 2. Supporting an active and balanced lifestyle. 3. Nationalization of jobsAjyalona; This slogan reflects the vision of McDonald’s Saudi Arabia and its keenness on serving the citizens’ best interest regardless of their age or gender. Ajyalona embodies the three stages of human life, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, in terms of production and giving. People need alot of support and attention in these stages of life, as well as an understanding of their needs and requirements. There is no doubt that our concern at McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is to address these needs and search for the best means to build our relationship with the people in our society, as demonstrated by the social responsibility initiative that we have adopted. In those three stages, we embraced the principle of partnership to support the implementation of our plans into our society and contribute to creating active and balanced lives. We also concentrate on providing training and jobs for the youth of the nation. Charity Cheque SigningFamily Festival Family Festival Since 1993 , McDonald’s Saudi Arabia has been actively serving the Saudi community and its different groups and demographics. The development of the services provided to the community has been in line with our growth. Today, with the number of our employees reaching more than 8,000, we have become one of the most close-knit and respectable brands in the community. Perhaps this was a strong motive to launch Ajyalona as a distinctive national initiative, triggered by a 100 % Saudi-owned entity with two local administrations. The first is Riyadh International Catering Corp., Developmental Liscencee of McDonald’s in the Central, Eastern and Northern regions, and the second is Reza Food Services Co., McDonald’s Developmental Liscencee in the Western and Southern regions. McDonald™s is a pioneer in local employmentMawahib Football Talent Program Mawahib Football Talent Program 1716

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1Log on to www.McDonaldsArabia.com/YRTK. 2Click on « —˘ƒ⁄˛tab on the home page 3To ask a question on the « ‹ ⁄ page,click on the ask tab at the top of the page and insert the question using 140 characters. Questions and answers will be posted publicly on the fiYour Right to Knowfl page on the McDonald™s Arabia website (www.McDonaldsArabia.com/YRTK) Questions and answers can then easily be shared by the participant on their personal social media pages with friends and family. 5The McDonald’s team will send the answer to your questions to your email. ˜ Is to respond to all inquiries or view the hundreds of questions that have been answered, such as: fiWhat parts of the chicken are used to prepare Chicken McNuggets? fiAre McDonald™s products Halal?fl and fiHow do you prepare fried productsfl?McDonald™s will answer all these and many other questions through fiYour Right to Knowfl platform, which serves as an interactive platform that allows customers and the public to ask questions and receive instant text answers with behind-the- scenes video excerpts at McDonald™s restaurants, in addition to the ability to share the content with friends via social media. Because you have ( Your Right to Know ) and pursuant from our belief in the principle of transparency towards our customers, we have launched this initiative which enables our valued customers to ask any question about our food, brand or quality standards, and we will answer all the inquiries through our website:‹ www.McDonaldsArabia.com/YRTK Once the question is submitted, a prompt will pop up asking the user to log in through their email, Facebook or Twitter account. 41918

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At McDonald™s, we only use 100 % pure Halal meat; as the slaughtering process is carried out by a licensed Muslim butcher, using a sharp knife after reciting God™s name on the carcass. We also participate in Halal conferences in the region and around the world and contribute effectively in the development of the Halal industry. We import the 100 % pure Halal beef from the «Australian Food Corporation» in Australia, while the Halal chicken meat is supplied by the Brazilian «JBS Foods» Company and the Malaysian «McFood» Company. To view our Halal certificates, please visit our website: The reality is that McDonald™s food does rot just like the food you would prepare at home. However, In order for mold to grow these conditions must be present: mold, spores, air, moisture, and the right temperature. In addition, you can check the scientific details of the experiment that held by fiIDAC MERIEUX NutriSciencesfl testing laboratories in Riyadh, KSA. To check whether McDonald™s hamburger spoils or decays when the right temperature is present. The result of both experiments came to confirm that the samples whether McDonald™s or homemade burgers, when exposed to certain conditions will end up in very similar states. This is not at all true. We have the finest lettuce that we import from fiDel Montefl Company to our restaurants in sealed bags, after it is washed and prepared in the our supplier’s factories. Not true. We offer high quality food, which constitutes a part of an integral and balanced diet. We are also totally sure of the quality of ingredients we use and proud of the food that we offer. Therefore, we want our customers to be aware of the foodstuff that we use in the preparation of our products. For your information, at McDonald™s the beef burger contains only 272 calories and 10 grams of fats, and the chicken burger contains only 321 calories and 14 grams of fats. As for the Happy Meal, it contains a group of mineral salts and essential vitamins that vary in percentage depending on the meals chosen, especially as McDonald™s has lately started offering the Apple Pieces in the Happy Meal Menu, allowing the kids to choose between the worldwide famous French fries and the delicious pieces of apple. We would also like our customers to know that the fresh green salad contains 56 calories only, and it is prepared with fresh vegetables imported from farms and it is presented with a sauce as a side dish, so as to allow the customers to pour the quantity that they want. This information should help the customer make the right healthy decisions in conformity with their diet style. Hence, we sought to make all the nutritional information available in a smooth and fast way, whether in our restaurants or on our website. McDonald™s International is a joint-stock company owned by millions of people around the world, including Arabs and Muslims, and its shares are listed on the world stock markets. Since we are experts in the field of food, we leave the politics to politicians! McDonald™s does not have any political or religious relations with any party whatsoever. And by taking no part in such issues, we aim to protect the company™s commercial interests. Hence, it does not support any state or region whatsoever. In fact, McDonalds in GCC region is fully owned and run by a group of seven local businessmen. And since McDonald™s opened its doors for the first time to the region™s customers in 1993 , it offered its full support to several local social institutions. And now the company is proud of its contribution to stimulate the national economy. 2120

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