Carb Kit# 42-11 All Buells Application: This installation manual applies to Sportster and Buell water heaters, clothes dryers, space heaters,.

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SB-1 Notes, Cautions and Warnings Statements in this manual preceded by these words are very important: Gives helpful information that can make a job easier. Indicates a possibility of damage to vehicle if instructions are not followed. Indicates a possibility of personal injury or vehicle damage if instructions are not followed. Please: Read these instructions carefully before you begin installation of your HSR kit. All procedures should be followed exactly as described in this manual, paying particular attention to the following: Sportster/Buell Installation The HSR series carburetors are precise yet durable instruments; however, like any other piece of fine equipment, they require correct installation and reasonable care to assure optimum performance and long life. Extra time spent during installation will pay off in both short and long term performance and reliability. This Mikuni HSR carburetor kit is designed to be a bolt-on application, and as such, is set-up and jetted properly for many applications. However, since many Harley-Davidson motors are highly modified, re-tuning may sometimes be necessary. We include the Tuning Section for that purpose. NOTE: Carburetor Kits not designated as C.A.R.B. exempt, are not legal for motor vehicles operated on public highways in the state of California, or in any other states and countries where similar laws apply. Application: This installation manual applies to Sportster and Buell motorcycles. Required Tools:These are the tools typically required to remove the stock carburetor and install the HSR carburetor kit. 1. Allen wrenches, 1/8 fl, 5/32 fl, 1/4 fl & 5/16 fl5. Slotted and #2 Phillips screwdriver 2. Standard wrenches, 3/8 fl, 1/2 fl, 9/16 fl, 11/16 fl, 3/4 fl6. Blue Loctite or equivalent 3. Small adjustable wrench7. T25 Torx ( ™96Œpresent)4. Diagonal cutters (dykes)8. Shop manual (for your model) .NOTECAUTION WARNINGA moderate level of mechanical skill is required to install this carburetor kit. After reading these instructions, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you have a profes- sional install it for you. If you install the kit yourself, we recommend that you also use the applicable shop manual for your motorcycle. 1.Mikuni HSR series carburetors require the use of a push/pull throttle assembly to assure positive closing of the throttle valve. The high vacuum encountered, as well as dirt ingested into the carburetor when running without an air filter may hinder the throttle valve from closing promptly. 2.The throttle cables should be routed freely (without sharp bends) between the throttle twist grip and the carburetor. The throttle cables should not be pinched by the installed fuel tank, nor should they be pinched, pulled or restricted by the motorcycle bodywork and/ or the fork assembly when it is turned through the full range of motion. 3.Gasoline is extremely flammable and is explosive under certain conditions. Before attempting to install or service your Mikuni carburetor, follow these fire safety procedures: a.Make sure your work area is well ventilated and free from any source of flame or sparks, i.e. , appliances with pilot lights, such as water heaters, clothes dryers, space heaters, etc.b.Never look directly into the bore of the carburetor while the engine is running as injury may result from possible backfire. CAUTION

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SB-2Disassembly:1.Disconnect the battery ground wire from the battery. 2.Turn the fuel petcock to the fiOFFfl position. 3.Disconnect any vacuum hoses and the fuel hose from the stock carburetor. 4.Remove the fuel tank. 5.Remove the complete air cleaner assembly, including the backing plate. 6.Remove the stock carburetor together with the choke cable. 7. Sportster only: remove the V.O.E.S. from its normal loacation. Installation:Choke Cable to Carburetor: 1.Remove the Harley choke cable from the stock carburetor. 2.Remove the Harley spring and plunger from the Harley choke cable. 3. Remove the Mikuni spring and plunger from the Mikuni carburetor. 5.Install the Mikuni spring and plunger onto theHarley choke cable. Change nothing else; be sure to use the Harley plastic n ut, not the Mikuni nut. 6.Install the new assembly into the Mikuni. Be careful to only gently tighten the plastic nut.Figure 1: Harley nut with Mikuni spring & plunger The HSR Sportster carburetor uses the same cables that fit the stock CV (constant velocity) carburetor Harley- Davidson has been fitting to Sportsters since 1988. However, if your Harley is fitted with some other carbu- retor, you may need to purchase a set of cables designed for the late CV-type stock carburetor. Throttle Cables: 1. Route the throttle cables with large radius curves and so that they do not interfere with other components. Use Figure 2 as a guide. 2.Screw the cable adjusters together to make them as short as possible. 3.Connect the ficlosefl cable first (see Figure 3). 4.Install the fiopenfl cable next (see Figure 3). 5.Adjust the opening cable until the slide can be opened fully. Snug the adjuster lock nut. 6.Turn the handlebar to the right and adjust the throttle free-play with the closing cable adjuster to approximately 1/8fl (see Figure 4). Carburetor to Manifold: It is easier to fit the throttle cables to the carburetor before mounting the carburetor. Cable adjustment should wait until after the carburetor is mounted. 1. Inspect the manifold seal for damage. If it is nicked or distorted, replace it with a new seal. 2. Lubricate the seal and carburetor spigot with rubber lube, chassis grease or motor oil. 3. Insert the carburetor into the manifold. The fit is tight and a pushing Š twisting motion works well. 4. Align the carb vertically. 5. Route and install the choke cable. Make sure that the choke cable is fully bottomed and that it has free-play as shown in Figure 2. NOTEFigure 2: Cable Routing Guide NOTE

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SB-3Figure 3: Cable installation guide Figure 4: Throttle free-play Figure 5: Choke cable free-play 1. The control cables must not pull tight when the handlebar is turned fully left and right. Also, be sure that the cables clear the fork stops at the steering head so they are not pinched when the handlebar is turned. 2. It is important to check for adequate clearance between the cable elbows and the gas tank when the handlebar is turned from lock to lock. There must be some free play at all handlebar positions to avoid binding in the throttle cables. CAUTION WARNINGChoke Cable Final Assembly: 1.Feed the choke cable to the left side of the chassis. 2.Fit the cable into its holder on the top motor mount (see Figure 7). Be sure that the lock washer is between the nut and the motor mount. 3.Gently tighten the nut. The threaded body of the choke cable is relatively fragile plastic. 4.Make sure that the flexible portion of the cable is bottomed in the metal elbow that leads into the carburetor. This junction (cable/elbow) is covered by a rubber boot and it may be necessary to peel the boot back for inspection. 5.Slightly loosen the plastic friction nut located behind the choke knob. 6.Move the choke knob in and out to make sure there is free-play in the cable. If you cannot detect any free-play before feeling the resitance of the choke spring, the choke plunger may be off its seat in the carburetor. An unseated plunger may result in poor fuel mileage, irregular idle and plug fouling. CAUTIONNOTECable Lube: Remove upper throttle housing and inject half the cable lube into each cable. Figure 6: Cable lube procedure Cable lubrication is important. Dry cables can result in sticky throttle action, slow return to idle and excess wear.

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SB-4NOTE WARNINGAir Cleaner (Sportster): 1.Fit the large O-ring into the Mikuni adapter. 2.Use the short Mikuni screws to attach the adapter and stock gasket to the Mikuni Backing Plate. Do Not use the stock screws. They are too long. 3.Attach the hex spacers to the backing plate using the furnished 5/16fl bolts, lock and flat washers. 4.Attach the backing plate assembly to the engine using the stock vent bolt together with the furnished lock washers, short and long spacers (see Figure TKTK). 5.Fit the air cleaner element and filter cover using the stock screws. 6.NOTE: We recommend that you use a K&N brand filter element for maximum air flow and performance. The stock air cleaner assembly cannot be used with the HSR carburetors. The stock backing plate interferes with the throttle linkage of the Mikuni. Most after market air filter kits should work. However, since Mikuni is not in a position to test every air cleaner kit on the market, we cannot assure you that all such kits fit our carburetor. Buell/Sportster with Screaming Eagle: 1.Fit the large O-ring into the Mikuni adapter. Do Not use the stock screws. They are too long.2.Attach the adapter to your selected air cleaner backing plate. 3.Proceed with the instructions for your air cleaner. We have tested the Buell Racing Air Filter for fit and function. While other filter kits may and probably will work well, the Buell Race kit is the only one we have tested. Carefully check to make sure that your air cleaner installa- tion does not interfer with the proper operation of the throttle linkage. The linkage must be free to move as intended. Since there are a number of variations in Buell air filter installations, we urge you to take the extra time required to ensure a safe installation.

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SB-5V.O.E.S. (Sportster Only): 1. Use a pick or small screwdriver to carefully pry the special retaining washer off the VOES. 2. Rotate the VOES so that the vacuum line points downward (see Figure 7). Note that the VOES and its mounting bracket have indexing bumps and notches that must be aligned.3. Press the retention washer back into place. 4. Remove the stock vacum hose and fit the longer hose furnished in the kit. Trim the new hose to the correct length to fit onto the HSR vacuum fiting shown in Figure 3. 5. Sandwich the VOES assembly between the horn and the horn mounting bracket as shown in Figure 7 below. Figure 7: V.O.E.S. Installation Kit Contents:Sportster/Buell: 42-10, 42-11 Part#Description Qty. 42-10, 42-11TM42-6Carburetor 1 1 HS42/001Adaptor, air cleaner 1 1 HS42/003O-Ring, Adaptor 1 1 HS42/048Screw, Adapter 3 3 N100.604-155Main Jet 1 1 N100.604-165Main Jet 1 1 Z70/146Cable Tie 3 3 Z70/045Hose Clamp 1 1 HS42/048Cable Lubricant 1 1 HS42/045Back Plate 1 HS42/046Collar, 30mm 2 HS42/047Spacer, Hex 2 HS42/049Spacer, ¼fl 2 HS42/050Lockwasher 2 RS36/27-075Bolt, 5/16fl x ¾fl 2 Z70/042Flat Washer 2 Z70/043Lock Washer 2

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