Making and mastering wood planes / David Finck p. em. ISBN 0-8069-5163-5. 1. Planes (Hand lOOIS) ‘) Woodwork I. Tille. TT186. F54!t 2000. 684’ 082-dr21.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Oat” Finck, David. Making and mastering wood planes / David Finck p. ISBN 1. Planes (Hand lOOIS) ‘) Woodwork I. Tille TT186. F54!t 2000 684′ 082-dr21 109 87G5432 Published by Sterling PuOllshlng Company. Inc 38/ Park Avenue South. New York, N Y. 10016 @> 2000 by David FInck D,stributed in Canada by Sterling Publishing clo canadian Manda Group. One Atlantic Avenue, Suite: 105 Toronto, Ontano, Canada M6K 3E7 Distributed In Great Britain and Europe by Cassell PLC Wellington House. 125 Strand, London WaR OBB. England DIstributed In Australla by Glpncorn Lnk (Australia) PLy Ltd PO Box 6651 Baulkham Hills. Business Centre. NSW 2153. Australia Manufactured In United Scates of America AI! fights rese{l/ed Sterling ISBN 0-8069-51 53-5 ChriS SWlmofr Design Ł Editor-MIChael Cea

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here would be no l)ook witlloUt James Krenov. The planes described and trateu in the following pages were pired by him. To him and all the teachers and dent in the College of the Rcd,voods Fine Program, my profoundest thanks. _ ost of what I know about planes and “orking v.ras learned there, I hope I’ve done -. ticc to the subject of planes and Jim’s spirit -Jward woodworking. \Iter leading numerous workshops on . king over the years, it is clear that I am deep1s’ debted to my students. I thank them all for t1 e .1ght lhal come from questioning the “obvious” .nd dflmanding greater clarity of presentation, L’d like ro express my gratitude and love for . le grandfather J never knew, my namesake He itarted my father working with “,’ood-and it is . father who hen inspired me. And to Paula, y mother, who nurtured the artist in all her oren, and then, as a business partner, nurtured my career, Also to my sisters Amy and Tina, partners in childhood arts and nafts who ahvaYR set the bar way over my head. More thanks for the invaluable fforts of those who reviewed my manuscript: good friends David Esposito and Bojan Fetek, Tina Casey (my sister), James Krenov, Marie Hoepfl (my and cially Henry Finck (my father). Through tfleir efforts this book was much improved. Ib my wife, Marie, and two young daughters Ledah and Willa: It has been a long and rather lonely road. I have missed you! As [ write these words, I look forward to more time spent with all of you and less time in front of a computer. Finally, I dedicate this book to my father, Henry Finck. He has taught by example from my earliest years that a job worth doing is worth doing well. He bas been a limitless source of knowledge and port, and an inspiration in so many ways. It is a debt that cannot be repaid. J can Ollly hope to pass the gift along.

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” Acknowledgments Foreword by James Kreno\T Introduction CHAPTER 0 E CHAPTE THREE ThaIs and Nlaterials Sharpening ‘Techniques <> for Nlaking a Plane Presharpenino Procedures: Preparing the Grinder, Honing StOI1f’i-i/Thols and \Vorkstation Safety Making a Plane Blank 1 Making a Toof Rest Tru/l7g JIg Band-Sow Pomter, i Makmg a SlOne Cradle Rip-Sowmg with 0 Band Sow ‘Run-Qui” Sharpening Plane Trans The Logic of Truing Boards Using a GTinding and Honing Guidelines Jomter and Planer )4 Sharpening Straight Chi cls Cabinetmaker’s Triangle Sharpening Spokeshave Irons Sharpening Knives Plane Irons Chip Breakers Making 0 Corvlfig/Markmg Kmfe CHAPTER T 0 APTER FO . Tuning and Using Hand Thols 35 !\1aking a Plane Ł Combination Square 35 Tools and Supplies Needed Straightedge 37 Preparing the Glue Surfaces Block Plane Laying Out and Spol631 KB – 190 Pages